Wednesday, August 08, 2007

A Letter

Dear Grandpa,

I missed you this weekend when we went to visit Grandma. I think you really would have enjoyed my company since I have become so entertaining. Mommy could almost hear you laughing at all the silly things I was doing.

You would have loved being outside with me. Watching me run around, point at the birds and climb the picnic table, chattering all the time. I loved eating your raspberries and I especially loved picking apples off the apple tree. I kept saying “Ap-POLE!” I would eat the whole thing even the core. Grandma said that was just what you used to do.

I also liked wearing your hat. The red one with paint all over it. And then I tried on Grandma's shoes. I haven't learned how to tie them up yet though so that was frustrating.

I also love your cat. I didn't learn to say his name but I called him “Kiddy!”. If no one was watching I'd help him eat his food by putting it into a different bowl for him, bit by bit. He seemed to like this. I also lay right down on the floor next to him and watched him eat. Very interesting!

I miss you Grandpa. I miss your songs and rhymes. I miss sitting on your knee and falling asleep with you.

Everyone else misses you too.



elizasmom said...

So poignant. Like you, I can't help but wonder and get wistful at the thought of my girl and all the things she never got to experience with her grandpa. And the kitty-feeding thing is so sweet; love this batch of photos of Miss A.

plantain said...

I might be slightly, just a little bit, almost totally, very blubbery after that post... don't you just wish that they could be here for all that weird random hilarious stuff... so they could look over at you and share in and laugh at it all.

Jenn said...

I love the picture of her watching the cat eat! This is a very nice letter. You're a great writer.

Anonymous said...

So glad I decided to check out your blog today. I was thinking of you i guess. little A has started to get quite a head of hair hasn't she! So nice you could get to spend some time with peter's mom. And seeing you and A going swimming makes me think of how i will manage tomorrow going to the park and pool with my 3. They have life guards i guess. And a stern word from mommy maybe. We are going with 2 of our friends families. So maybe we will chat with you another time. Luv-Sab

mns said...

This is so lovely! Got me all choked up. I hope you shared it with Papa D and Grandma, too. Very nicely written.