Wednesday, August 27, 2008


My birthday was great. Peter and I went to a rock climbing wall first and then for supper. The rock climbing was much harder than the last (and only) time I did it. Although to be fair I just had a baby six weeks ago and my ankle is still kinda sucky.

For those of you with a week stomach, don't look at the following picture. I had to get a photographic evidence of the amazing pukey baby. "Happy Birthday Mama!"

I was thinking about something this evening as I was rocking with the baby. From 8:30 (if I'm lucky) (and I realize some of you would be SO happy if their kids got up at 8:30) until anywhere from 10:00pm to 12:00am (or later) I am looking after kids without a break. I know that's what being a mom is all about, yada, yada, yada, but you know what... it's getting tiring.

I was used to having some down time after Miss A would go to bed. Now it's get her to bed then spend the rest of the evening settling Baby B down. At least we can still watch television or a movie if she's not too fussy. And for the past two nights she's slept a really nice long stretch when she finally does go down.

I know this isn't going to last forever. And I also remember being so much more exhausted, frustrated, angry, etc. when A was a baby. So really, I'm doing well. Still, I'm tired. But yeah, goes with the territory, I know.

One new thing that I have mixed feelings about - Miss A has learned to use the computer. Okay, I taught her. She was interested in playing computer games so I thought I'd show her this website. At first she couldn't really do anything. I would sit with her with my hand over her hand on the mouse, showing her how to move it and which button to click. Then she started doing it on her own. This was only a few days ago. Now she can navigate all over the site, playing different games, watching videos. It's crazy. When I show her something once, she remembers. I barely have to help her anymore. She requests to play often now and I am limiting the time she spends on the computer, but... it does allow me to get stuff done. And I have to ask myself if it's better or worse than watching a bit of television. It's more interactive, improves hand/eye coordination and the games are all educational. Do I sound like I'm making excuses? Honestly, I don't think it's so bad. Mostly I am just totally amazed at how quickly she has caught on. I hope everything in life is so easy for her to learn.


Jenn said...

It's amazing how quickly they catch on to the computer. Emily loves playing games on there too. I would agree that it's no worse than plunking them in front of the tv and as long as they're doing other activities, no big deal. When daily nap time comes to an end it's a huge adjustment and I'm glad you've found something that will allow you to get other things done or just have a break. 'Cause we all need them!

bon said...

Ahem.... yeah, I used the excuse this summer that it was good reading practice for the Bird. LaLa is now pretty adept at getting from here to there on the kiddo websites too. The main problem that I see, is once they are on the computers... I want to take a break and read a blog or two.... but THEY ARE ON THE COMPUTERS!

I think that it would be awesome if I had the stamina to be doing and going and ON as a mama at all times instead of resorting to electronic babysitters. But then it would ALSO be great if I were a vampire and didn't need to sleep. OK, maybe NOT a vampire... but you get my meaning. Point is, you work with what ya got. By now you know that if you give a 100% all day everyday, you are GONNA need a significant break at some point. If you KNOW that you are not gonna be getting that significant break, then pace yourself.

Sugarmama said...

Here, here about her learning other things so easily! It is pretty amazing how quickly kids can pick up those skills, but I still regard computer time as "screen time." Which is not to say I'm against it, but I try to use it sparingly. That said, there's no getting around the fact that kids need to learn computer skills earlier and earlier these days. My oldest had computers in her kindergarten class!

Hope you get some down time soon! Believe me, I SO know how much a mama needs it.

Anonymous said...

All I see is her computer engineering degree getting it's start :)

this single spark said...

Oh man... I totally missed your birthday!!! I SUCK!

Glad you had such a good day, pukey baby aside.

I've actually had a really crappy week and my brain is fried, so that's my excuse. Looking for a new job, as way of explanation so you don't worry that anything is really wrong.

Talk to you soon! And HAPPY, HAPPY 32!!

elizasmom said...

Happy 32! Glad you had a nice celebration, and in my book, you are HARDCORE for going rock climbing 6 weeks after giving birth.

I salute Baby B's projectile abilities. (I hope she is not cranky about it.)

As for feeling like you are on a long slog, you ARE! And even though I am wildly envious about the fact that your kids get up at 8:30 (instead of 5:45 this morning *&(&^), that is really, really hard to do without a break until 10 or 12 at night. I hope everyone's sleep schedule lines up for you soon so you can get some sleep.

mns said...

My A has just learned the computer this summer too -he's in love with (Super Why, specifically). I console myself with the same stuff as you, and also can't believe how quickly he's learned how to navigate the site to find his favourite stuff.
Speaking of my A, I should probably get off the computer and retrieve him from the tv... ; P