Monday, August 04, 2008

My Girls

The other day I was talking to a friend and I off handedly said "The kids" and then stopped for a second. Plural. I have kids. Wow.

Things are still going along nicely. This week will be the true test as I will be 'flying solo' starting tomorrow.

I have a terrible cough at the moment which I find incredibly irritating because it is stealing further sleep from me after I get the baby settled down in the night. I lay there hacking away, my face buried into a pillow in an attempt to disturb everyone else as little as possible. I am taking a mild cough syrup only at night as well as slathering myself with 'Vicks' and I keep 'Riccola' cough lozenges on my bedside table. I will be thrilled when it finally goes away but I'm certain sleep deprivation does nothing for the immune system and a person's ability to get healthy.

Miss A has been amazing with Baby B. At the moment she is 'reading' her a story. I am relieved that she seems to really love her sister already and I don't feel that I need to worry about her doing anything physically aggressive towards her if I'm not looking. However, she is playing the baby card with her Dad and I. She wants to be carried, is crying more, baby talking etc. She seems to especially dislike it when her Dad is carrying or holding B. She then insists that he carry or hold her also which he usually manages somehow. She sometimes does this to me as well but seems to understand a bit more when it comes to me. Perhaps because I have been unable to do certain things for/with her for a while now and so she is more used to it. For the most part I don't feel that I can really complain about her behavior much, considering the adjustment I think she's doing rather well.

*Sidenote Miss A is going to miss her playmate when he goes back to work. They play pretend all the time and she explains to him who each of them are. "I am the Mama and you are the Baby." and so on. But when she refers to him Daddy always precedes who his 'is'. For instance DaddyBaby, DaddyKitty, DaddyMonster etc.

Miss A has finally cut two (the bottom two) of her remaining molars. Sheesh. The kid has had a brutal time with teething. This might explain why she was getting up in the night last week. Seems back to normal now. (Thank GOD!)

And finally... I am totally immersed in Bella and Edward land reading the final book in the Twilight Series, 'Breaking Dawn'. I think I have been exercising incredible restraint by not getting up to read after settling Baby B back down in the middle of the night and feeling wide awake. Instead I lay in bed a while thinking about them and developing theories about what is going to happen.


Anonymous said...


If you still have the dry hacking cough after a few days...go to a clinic. I have strep...and apparently it is going around. XOXOX

shoeaddict said...

I love the pic of you and the girls. Adorable!

Jenn said...

That is so great that A is being such a good big sister. That would be a huge relief for you. I love the picture of you guys, what a ham that A is!
I look forward to reading that book too. I may just have to splurge on the hard cover after all!

Sugarmama said...

What beauties you have! And I still get a kick out of saying "the girls" out loud when talking about my daughters. Plural--ha!

Hope your cough goes away soon and that you do okay solo. Two carseats does eventually start to feel like no big deal but at first, not so much. Good luck! Any thoughts on your first solo outing with your girls?

bon said...

Dr. Bon says... Mucinex during the day to loosen and move the crud out, and then Delsym (cough suppressant) at night so you can sleep.

I LOVE saying "my girls" or "the kids." LOVE it! It doesn't really get old.

Anonymous said...

Hey there! Glad to see all is going well with you. Love reading your little bits on here. Hope you feel better soon. XOX~Sabrina