Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Big Girl and Little Girl Developments

So Miss A has officially moved to a 'Big Girl Bed'. See here.

(Yes, that is a Barbie bedspread. Handed down from her cousin. It actually matches the room, saves me money and so on and so forth. A likes Barbies and I loved them too when I was little.)

I asked her to sit on her big girl bed and smile and this is what I got.

It's going pretty well so far, which is shocking to me. I did not think she would stay put but she has. We go through the same bedtime routine except that I lay bedside her on the bed and read to her, we pray, we sing (and at this point she often asks to go potty which is probably a stalling technique but she does actually go so I'm not going to refuse) and then when it's time for bed I kiss her, tell her I'll see her when the sun comes up (not literally) and say "Nighty, night night night night". She giggles, repeats and I turn the light off and pull the door almost closed. Done.

So far so good. Now, having said that said I will also say that I expect there will be issues... There always is. She seems to go through cycles with bedtime. Sometimes it's easy and routine goes well, sometimes she totally bucks routine and tries to pull all kinds of crap. So that is coming... I'm sure.

As for the little one. She continues to be an amazing baby. I can't believe she will be a month old tomorrow! Wow. My only complaints are her late owl tendencies as of late (she wants to stay up until almost midnight, meanwhile I'm nodding off in the chair) and her habit of overeating and then puking copious amounts. I'm not kidding. It is something to see. It comes out of her nose and mouth like a fountain. I sit there helpless, trying to catch it, fumbling for a kleenex, anything, while also trying to keep her from drowning at the same time. It's really rather ridiculous. Then we go and change all of our clothing.

I'm trying to keep up with things around here, without overdoing it and I'm trying not to feel overwhelmed. Trying to find balance with the scales weighing heavier on the 'spending time with the kids' side. I've been wanting to post for days and yet haven't until today. (And I've had to stop several times to - get paint, clean up paint, help wash hands, help brush teeth) I have dishes to put away, dishes to wash (I'm beginning to see the appeal of a dishwasher), I'd like to dust and wash the kitchen and bathroom floors and oh yeah there's that load of laundry downstairs...

Anyway. AND I read 'Breaking Dawn' which I thought was amazing and I'd love to write a review here but I'm going to wait to give people more time to read it. I recently discovered that there are fans(?) who really hated it. I of course acknowledge that everyone is entitled to their opinion but some of these people are starting a campaign encouraging people to return their books to 'send a message' to Stephanie. For pete's sake. Not only that, but some people are making ludicrous claims about things that the book is supposedly promoting. (I won't mention these because they could be considered spoilers.) Mostly this depresses me because I think it would be awful to pour your heart and soul into something, like this book, only to have people be ungrateful, misinterpret and basically crap all over your effort. You don't have to like it, just don't be so ridiculous... Rant over.


Jenn said...

Yep, it takes a while to find a balance and get into the groove of things. But it sounds like you've got it right, focusing on the kidlets. I miss you tons!! Your girls are both so terribly sweet. I love how A hams it up for the camera.

bon said...

OK.. we gots to talk...

Personally I LOVED the book! How very bizarre that people want to return their books? You just cannot please everyone... and I sort of wonder what on earth was their expectation! It's a book. About vampires for craps sake. And it was certainly no better or worse written that the other three... I still say that book two is the weakest of the set.

Those babies of your though....! Gaaaaahghk! The cuteness of them!

elizasmom said...

Wow, That IS ridiculous. Of course, this is coming from someone who felt that BD was actually a step up from the last one, and who was all "it's ABOUT TIME" about Bella's new heroics and such. But really, how head-in-the-sand do you have to be to be shocked SHOCKED! at the turn of events in the book. It was ALWAYS a baroque vampire fantasy, what were you expecting?

OK, co-rant over, also.

And the A, she amuses. Mightily. Go big girl bed!

Sugarmama said...

Those photos of A totally crack me up! I think you're right--our two would get along splendidly if they ever got the chance to meet.

The balance thing is tricky. I feel like I struggle with it nearly every hour here. You still sound sane, though, so congratulations on your first month with two!