Monday, August 25, 2008

Training Tales

Miss A is still going strong with the potty training. She is very proud of her bathroom accomplishments and always wants us to look at what she's done. She's been known to tell strangers that she "pooped in the potty today!" Everyone has been really polite so far, congratulating her and so forth. The other day at the park I was sitting next to a mom whose little girl A was playing with. This mom's little girl came running over to us at one point and said while pointing back at Miss A "She pooped on the potty today!" Oh boy.

Today she asked me to come to the potty with her. Her face lit up as it always does when she begins to pee. And then there was a huge fart. She looked surprised and I explained it was a big fart. She then says earnestly "Do you want to see my fart?"

It was all I could do not to burst out laughing.

1 comment:

bon said...

hee hee! In mah DREAMS!

Wait. I think that came out wrong.

I just wish that we were anywhere near potty training with the Pearl girl. How would that be to have a month break or so from changing doobahs before the baby came? How? No clue... I have been on doobah-duty for six and a half years now. Seriously, it could easily be a full decade by the time we finish up.

I think that I just depressed myself.