Thursday, August 14, 2008

One Month Old

Hard to believe really. Doesn't she have an odd wise look about her?

added by Papa D:


bon said...

hee! wicked CUTE!

She does have that knowing look to her.

papa d said...

she looks like the dramatic prairie dog!

Dawnyel said...

Where does the time fly?? Can't babies stay small for just a LITTLE longer??

Nikkie said...

I had to comment to say that She is just so cute.

Also, lol @ Papa D. I know someone who's gonna think that video clip is hilarious

jd said...

Oh would you check the site and pick out some bling for that baby!

I would love to deck out your two little gals in matching bracelets. It is under the link "shops" and then Baby Bling.

She and her sister are growing up too fast!