Saturday, August 16, 2008

Face Painting Step By Step

Our La Leche League group had a 'Family Fun Day' BBQ today. There were plenty of fun things happening such as crafts and bubbles but Miss A's priority was to get her face painted.

Here are the step by step photos and the finished look.

It was so cute to watch her sit so still and look so serious.

She kept requesting the sparkles, the sparkles!

Inspecting herself in the mirror.

Smiling for the camera.


Jenn said...

She looks beautiful!! I'm so sad to have missed the family fun day. Was it a good time?

bon said...

That ROCKS! What kind of face paint is that? The white what I am most curious about.

Mama D said...

It was a good time!

I'm not sure about the face paint, but I could find out. I know it was in large cupcake sized circles and she used water on her brush. She's a talented lady, that's for sure.

I bet you'd be a great face painter too, so artistic... I'm best sticking to hair.

bon said...

Heh... yup, I use Caran D'asche water crayons... but I know for a fact that the white would never go over another color as well as that does.

elizasmom said...

Woah, so cool! We always seem to end up in the hands of some high schooler who draws smiley faces; you got a ARTIST.

She's like the super-cute preschool version of KISS!