Sunday, June 10, 2007


Thank you Bon for Googling. And congratulations once again! Not to take anything away from you hot streak of wins but have you been getting the feeling that no one else is really playing? I mean, you know, not no one but that you don't have a lot of competition. Anyway, whatever. I totally cool with you winning every week. Just think of it as me personally quizzing you each week.

I have to thank Kristen for her guess. I had never heard of 'The Toy' and in fact I thought "Did she mean 'Toys' with Robin Williams? But it wasn't an 80's movie." And then I looked it up and found it is indeed an 80's movie starring Richard Pryor. When I asked my husband if he'd heard of it he said "Of course!" as though I was the stupidest person alive. I don't know how I missed it. So in the true spirit of this game - you educated me on an 80's movie that I haven't seen. Bravo. And thanks for stopping by.

So here is a montage I found of 'Real Genius'.


Lynanne said...

Congrats again Bon! I'd love to play but I'm horrible at remembering movie quotes, actors, titles, etc. I love 80's movies though so I enjoy the trip down memory lane. :)

this single spark said...

I've been playing... I just suck. Obviously not up on my 80s movies, which is weird, since those were my prime teenage years.

bonrhe said...

All y'all need are some google skilz and a few minutes of free time in the morning! I TOTALLY didn't know this one!

bon said...

oops... that last one was my alter-ego!

shoeaddict said...

Hey guys... So excited to get a mention on your blog! I googled the quote after I guessed. The Toy was filmed in a huge house right here near me. I live in a small town outside of Baton Rouge, LA. I look soooo forward to the 80's quote game. BTW, your daughter is adorable and I love her name.

Kelli in the Mirror said...

How did I miss this? Of course it's Real Genius! I love that movie.

I come visit just about every week, but I almost never know the answers.