Tuesday, June 05, 2007


I don't know if you all know my blogging friend Bon. She has had a rough time lately. But recently has some things to celebrate. Like sleeping in her own bed again. It got me thinking. What could I do, way over here in Canada to welcome her home? And then it occurred to me. I could sing!

Peter and I stayed up ridiculously late singing, filming and editing this crazy video. There are some pretty funny parts. Like in the middle I say 'blah, blah' when there's no singing. Sorry the audio isn't very good. Turns out the microphone that comes with the game must suck. It sounded good to us through the camera but then when we hooked 'er up I was all quiet sounding. Maybe that's not such a bad thing. Hope you like it anyway.

So here goes. Bon, this is for you baby!


Jenn said...

That was awesome!

bon said...

OH MAH HECK! I laughed, I cried, I boogey-woogied from start to finish!

Pearl shook her bootay as well, and Y'ALL ROCK!!!!!

Sugarmama said...

Rats, my computer doesn't seem to be playing the actual singing at all. Nevertheless, this game looks hysterical!

Mama D said...

Try cranking the volume. Don't forget to turn it back down afterwards though!

Lynanne said...

Love how you really get down in the game...spanking your bottom and all! Awesome job of singing and editing! This was so incredibly sweet of you! I'm so glad Bon liked it!

mns said...

You guys are so funny! Awesome job with all of it.

Btw, are those your new capris that the game version of you is wearing? They look great on her, too!