Wednesday, June 20, 2007

For Pete's Sake!

(And no the bear was not strategically placed. That's just where I found it!)

This was the state of affairs I found Miss A in last night at approximately 11:00 PM. I am at a loss since she is getting out of her pajamas despite them being on backwards. The zipper is more at the side then the back but still... She hadn't figured out how to get out of her other couple of pairs but they are too hot for the summer. I have been looking for more zippered pj's but I'm having no luck. Anyone interested in getting together and inventing pajamas for kids that can get out of anything? I think there is a real market out there.

Today has already been rough and it's only 9:30. Perhaps because she normally isn't up until around now. There has been much crying and complaining. Here is photographic evidence. She looks a bit like Eliza don't you think?

To top it off she was 'helping' me with the laundry and because she is always moving at warp speed I didn't notice where she was and managed to smuck her in the head with the dryer door. Yay Mama! That was a classic move! Sigh.

My plan is to take her for a long walk this morning. With all the running back and forth to the hospital I haven't had any time for the gym this week. Blah!


Lynanne said...

I missed the boat, sorry. You were one of the people I was thinking when I posted last night. I'm so relieved that things went better for your mom. I hope she continues to do well!!!

After my inlaws leave, maybe you and I can brainstorm on pj ideas. I have a pattern for long pjs that I'm sure can be converted. After finding Miss E had attempted to change her own poopy diaper, I need a pair for her too.

As for the diaper - Have you tried duct tape? I've had some luck, though she still can get out of it. It depends on the brand of diaper - some of them have fuzzy outsides and it doesnt work with them.

bon said...

Can she get out of onesies? That has been my fall back... but then I didn't have determined nudists. Not very determined anyway.

I've seen some suits that have shirts that snap to the pants, but that seems easier than the other to get out of to me.

There is also

On a funny note.... even Pearl, the kind and content? Mean as a goat lately!

Dawnyel said...

I'm SO sorry that she's doing that, but I'm totally laughing!
My first thought was, "That baby's SO slick!" The second?? "She must have been hot!" Does she sleep hot?? Maybe my lack of reading your blog daily will show in this comment, but I'm sorry she does that *snicker*

Sugarmama said...

Ha! This reminds me of when Bean was still a baby. She LOVED to be swaddled for sleeping, but got so big and strong that she would wriggle herself out of the swaddled blankets and then wake several times a night to have herself reswaddled. ACK! So while you're at it, could you also invent a baby swaddling straitjacket? 'Cause my husband and I resorted to tying her into her swaddling with torn t-shirt strips. We called it her baby bondage.

elizasmom said...

I must express my condolences about the complaininess. That mosquito whining sound is just the worst. Even our babysitter whose patience is just this side of Mother Teresa, admitted that it was getting a bit tedious for her tonight.

That said, your little nudist cracks me up. My kid has barely figured out how to get her own socks off so I have no insight for you. Good luck!