Monday, June 04, 2007


This weekend we went to visit some friends in the city. We had an absolutely lovely time. I hadn't seen my friend 'M' in so long and it always amazes me how we are so easy with each other as though no time has passed at all. She has the sweetest little boy who is so gentle and kind. I think Miss A kind of overwhelmed him what with her running around yelling, squealing and dangling from death defying heights. They seemed to get along though and the two of them had the cutest little kiss before bedtime.

And thankfully it turned out that I worried for nothing about her disrupting their whole household routine and everyone's ability to sleep. A little time spent laying with her on a bed in the room she slept in and she was out like a light and didn't make a peep till morning. Hurray.

She also had nice naps on the way in and out the city. We took this picture in my friend's driveway right after we arrived.


Kelli in the Mirror said...

Wow, she really looks BIG and OLD in that picture! :) Not a baby anymore!

bonrhe said...

And beautiful! My HECK that girlie is so beautiful! Does that scare you sometimes? It does me.

Mama D said...

Yeah. It scares me quite a bit actually. I was going to use this photo and call the post 'We are in so much trouble when she grows up'.

mns said...

my driveway looks so nice! : P

We had a nice time, too. Thanks again for making the trip in to see us!