Monday, June 11, 2007

A Fair Time

So we took Miss A to the Fair on Saturday evening. We met one of my coworkers there whose son is four. He was her ride buddy. Although I had been excited about going I was also nervous. Was she going to have a fit after every ride? Was it going to be one big fight after another?

Thankfully, it was not. We did have some outbursts, yes. While standing in line for our first ride, the Carousel, she nearly clawed my eyes out. But once she got a taste for the sweet, sweet riding... we were pretty much good. Just as I suspected, she had no fear. We went on the swings together and then her and T her riding buddy went on a Jeep ride and she rode on the back of his motorcycle while he kept popping wheelies. In between smiles she seemed to spend a lot of time staring at the 'guts' of the ride and was trying to figure out how it all worked. I have my suspicions that she may grow up to be an engineer.

The Petting Zoo was also a hit. She loved the baby chicks and ducklings. She saw kittens for the first time which must have been shocking since our cat weighs nearly 20lbs. I think she enjoyed the baby goats or 'kids' the best. She ran around to each of them and pet them on their backs. Unfortunately I didn't seem to be able to catch this with my camera. This is the best I could do.

We each enjoyed this part the best. I because it was an enclosed area so I just had to make sure she didn't scale the fence to escape. And she enjoyed climbing on the hay bales as much as seeing the animals.

We also sampled some classic 'Fair Food' such as the hot dog and the mini donut. (Okay, I sampled many of these!) All in all we had a pretty fabulous time and her behavior was as near to angelic as it ever is. We captured almost everything on video but not enough on camera. It's difficult to capture people when they're whizzing by. And Miss A is pretty much always whizzing around whether she's on a ride or not.

I'm thinking if the Fair was so fun this year I can't imagine how much better it will be next summer.


Elicia said...

It looks like you had a lot of fun. I wish I had brought Ethan! (Okay I really just wish I'd been there for the mini donuts)

Sugarmama said...

Sounds like a blast, and it makes me long for our own state fair, always the 3rd week in October. About the rides, oldest daughter was so brave at riding pretty much anything when she was 3 and 4. Since then, she's become quite the wimp about them, and won't ride nearly as many. And she'll be 9 next month! Go figure.