Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Diapers are for Babies

I knew it was coming. I predicted it here. No amount of wishing it wouldn't happen could have stopped it.

Yesterday Miss A was in her crib 'napping' she took off every stitch of clothing which included – diaper, tights, onesie and jeans. Her diaper had poo in it. She gleefully smeared in all over her bottom sheet. After inspecting and cleaning her up it seemed she did most of the job with her feet.

Overall I thought I handled it quite well considering how frustrated I felt, not only with what she'd done but also with yet another day of nap refusal. I did count my blessings that she hadn't smeared it on the wall or anything that wasn't easily washable. I didn't even think of getting a photo. Although I guess that some of you with weak stomachs wouldn't be interested in seeing that anyhow.

As you can see she just doesn't think anyone should be wearing diapers or clothes for that matter. She gets very upset when I attempt to redress her dolls. Strange.

I am praying for a quick end to this phase. I'm not sure I'm up to it really. Not to mention I'm fairly certain that if Peter was confronted with the same mess he might just toss his cookies.


this single spark said...

Thanks for sparing us the photo. Sounds so gross. Hoping for a quick end to this stage for you too!

bon said...


and again? wooooo.

Somehow, between the rambunctiousness of three doses of chaos, I have been spared the poo-paintings. WHAMWHAMWHAM! (knocking on wood)

I tagged ya.