Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Cuteness and Cuddles

One of my best friends had a baby girl yesterday. 9lbs 2 ½ ounces! I was so excited for her because finally (this is her third child) she was able to have a midwife as she had always wanted to. The birth pretty much went awesome other than she was a tad on the large side... the baby I mean!

My friend called me shortly after having her sounding all normal and fine as though nothing major, like giving birth, had just taken place. She sounded the same way when she called me after her last baby was born, all nonchalant and stuff. I think she is a born mother.

It has been a while again since I have been up to the maternity ward in the hospital. It still sends all kinds of positive and negative feelings rushing back to me. My friend seemed to be doing as awesome as she sounded on the telephone. Her husband was cuddled up with the baby but I got to hold her for a while. She was sweet and tiny and she didn't even scare me at all. Probably because I knew I didn't have to take her home and look after her. That always helps. Still holding the little soul made me feel a little twinge of desire to have another one. And I figure that's promising when compared to my feelings of totally ditching the whole idea.

Because my friend has an incredible green thumb I couldn't resist getting her baby these. My friend thought they were great. And I also got baby's big brother a Bob the Builder book and big sister a princess coloring book. I hope it makes them feel a little less left out to get something since new babies always get a ton of gifts.

This friend is my inspiration. She is a fabulous mother and makes it all look easy, from giving birth to potty training and beyond. Yet she tells me the truth about the trials and tribulations that motherhood brings. I'm glad this is yet another bond that we share.


bon said...

New Babies=Panic Attack

But it would all be worth it if you had a pair of shoes like that to put on the new one!

Dawnyel said...

New babies are SUCH fun!! (Especially when they AREN'T yours!! :)
I love those shoes...TOO CUTE!!