Thursday, March 15, 2007


I was desperately seeking something different to post for todays YouTubesday. I thought “I'm in the mood for something funny.” And I'm sure everyone else could use a laugh too. Of course if you don't know The Cure at all this likely won't be funny to you. If this is the case watch this YouTubesday first.

This is from a British sketch comedy show I'd never heard of before called Newman and Baddiel in Pieces. The fact that I find this funny is further evidence that I should have been born in England and that I am a Brit at heart. I also find this funny because it's a song I sing to Miss A. Well not the little teapot part. And not so depressed sounding either.


bon said...

Laughing....wheezing, kaf... kaf
laughing some MORE!!! haaaaaa!

I do the teapot bit as well as the H.S.K. and T., but like you, I tend to be a little more upbeat!

plantain said...

Oh the angst!!
The Wee Snap was smiling at the HSK&T bit...

Joe said...

Must be a British thing.

But laughter is great, so whatever does it for you, God bless.