Sunday, March 11, 2007

On Fire!

After complaining that it has taken him months to win my game my friend Omar has won for the second time in a month. I think he's been fooling us all with his supposed ignorance and now he's going to win all the time. Seriously though Omar, if you are going to keep winning you have to start a blog or at least get a page at IMDB that I can link to!

Our quote was selected from the movie 'War Games' which is also apparently one of Omar's favorites. Does that make you think I'm even cooler? I must fess up that it is actually Peter's influence on me that caused me to choose this film. It's also one of his favorites.

For those of you that haven't seen it here's the trailer.


Jenn said...

Are you surprised that I haven't seen this one either?

I love your new profile pic!

bon said...

I used to have a great big old crush on Matthew Broderick, pretty sure that it started with this movie. Congratulations Omar!

omar said...

No Dawn, I am not hustling you. I just happened to get lucky this last month. Apparently I do well with robots and computers, not so good with babysitters and Swayze. As for imdb, here is my link:

Not much there, but hopefully that will change soon. And I did not direct the film from Pakistan. They have me confused with another Omar Khan. I will be contacting them about that. Bon said her crush on Matthew Broderick began with War Games. Well, my crush on Ally Sheedy began with War Games too.