Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Not to Worry

I just wanted to make sure that none of you were worrying about me or wondering where I am. Just busy. This is my final work week and I am going in every. single. day. because of graduation. I made two lovely young ladies even more beautiful yesterday and then I was pampered. I had a facial and a pedicure. Hurray. It was so nice.

I am still trying to get things ready. Wow. It's so much harder to do with a 2 1/2 year old running around. If it's at all possible she is getting even MORE entertaining. The other day when her dad was attempting to put some shoes on she didn't want to because "Her toes didn't remember these shoes." Uh huh. Okay. Next it will be "My body doesn't remember this bed." To which I'd say "Let's get them reacquainted."

I have been feeling strange. Feeling some things I don't remember feeling with A. Little pains and stuff. And I'm feeling more nauseous again and sometimes I get sick. (Still! When will it end?) It's freaking me out a bit to be honest and it's making me get my butt in gear and really get everything ready. This baby? It is STRONG! When it moves sometimes, I wince. Like, ow! That's different too.

So I'm sure I'll write again once I'm finished work and get everything else ready. Until then... I'm pretty sure I won't be around. Until then...


Elicia said...

Glad to hear you're doing okay! Sorry to hear about the nausea. I was like that with Ethan, I was puking on the side of the road at 8 1/2 months on my way to work. It sucked!

That is so cute about Miss A. I feel so bad that I haven't seen you guys for so long! My cute story is last night Cam was running Ethan's bath and left the bathroom. When he came back Ethan was in it fully clothed with several of his "non-bath" toys. Too funny. Daddy needs to be on his toes!

Good luck with you last week of work!

elizasmom said...

Haha. Her toes didn't remember these shoes. Awesome!

I bet your clients are VERY grateful to still have you around during graduation season!

Good luck getting everything ready, I'm waiting with bated breath over here for the big news, when it comes (not until after you are fully prepared, OF COURSE!)

bon said...

Yeah... I was starting to worry that you had gone early. Fret fret fret... but umm... not quite enough fretting to actually EMAIL ya, apparently. Am lousy blog-friend, or maybe am pregs... not sure.

DYING over the poor memory of her toes... tee hee!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Hmmm...someone's going into labor soooooooon:) Ok, not that soon. But still.

I was only just starting to wonder. I frankly can't believe you've been able to blog as much as you have been, so I wasn't really worried - figured you were busy. Next time a few days go by though? I'll be expecting birth photos.

Lynanne said...

When will it end? In 18 years?

Love the shoes comment! That A is a spunky, creative one, for sure. Soooo smart!

Take care!

Sugarmama said...

Sounds like my second baby, Bean. She was super strong in utero. And guess what? She's super strong now, too! 3 years old and she has ab muscles and calf muscles that I'm jealous of!

Bet your baby is coming soon! Can't wait to hear about how your labor goes and to see your little sweetie!