Monday, June 09, 2008

What a Weekend

What is more crazy than taking your toddler to a fair when you are nine months pregnant? Please tell me because I can't think of anything... Actually, we brought my wonderful niece along for help and without her I'm sure we would have had a miserable time. One extra person to reason with the crazy one. We had a lot of conversations with her while she was screaming at the top of her lungs "Why are you crying? Do you not want to go on this ride? You do? Okay, then relax. We just have to wait our turn." Here is a photo example. She was calmer by this point but can you see the crazed look in her eyes. An easy way to tell that this was later on is by noting the caramel blobs on her jacket.

I took a million pictures while we were there and I didn't catch one decent expression on her face. She was truly thrilled and smiling almost constantly but she was almost never looking at the camera and when I tried to get her to she was thoroughly uninterested. How frustrating. When we ask her what her favorite ride was she says "Horsies" which is surprising to me because it's the slowest, shortest and least interesting. She seemed to love the 'scarier' rides the most, smiling and laughing the whole time.

Once she got the hang of having to wait in line she really seemed to enjoy herself. On this ride I tried to put her in just any jeep and she requested 'the purple one'. Wow.

And in unrelated news. Yesterday, she was coloring her hand black with a marker. When I asked her to stop and explained that we don't color on ourselves she cried and explained that she wanted to be a kitty. What a lot of coloring she would have had to do! This was our solution which seemed to satisfy her.


beth - total mom haircut said...

Wow, she does look kind of crazed in that one.

And I took Sam to Sesame Place when I was nine month pregnant. That's a water park, by the way. And that also means it was about 100 degrees with no shade. It was insanity at its best.

this single spark said...

So, uh, are those whiskers in marker as well? Washable marker, I'm assuming!

bon said...

Heh! We do kitties around here too!

Thankfully I will probly still be in my second trimester when all the summers fairs, carnivals and Lagoon (the amusement park up in the big city) will be expected of me. But the heat... the HEAT! How funny that she is already having color preferences!

Sugarmama said...

Great solution! Now maybe a tail made of a black sock stuffed with paper and pinned on her pants? I mean, if whiskers made her that happy...

For some reason, I was thinking about you today, wondering how far along you were. So 9 months now, huh? Hope you're still feeling okay and getting some rest after the fair!

elizasmom said...

Haha. I too, time photos by how Eliza's clothing has deteriorated!

And we have also had similar m,eltdowns over the whole line-waiting business. Glad she got the hang of it eventually, and the photos are great. She has the most wonderful curly hair — does it have that auburn cast to it in real life, too, or is that the light in the photos?