Sunday, June 01, 2008


Well, it's a little more than a month until this baby is due. Wow. I really can't believe it. I keep trying to imagine what it will be like having two. Of course, that's all I can do. Imagine. That's what I did before we had A. And what I imagined? It wasn't even close. It was so much harder than I'd thought it would be. I think I have adjusted my thinking this time and I may be closer to knowing what it will be like... but still I'm sure it will be so much more challenging than I'm imagining this time as well.

Daily things are getting progressively more difficult. I keep looking at my flower beds wishing I could spend time in them to make them look pretty. I keep reminding myself that this is only for a short while longer (and the last time). Miss A is going through a really frustrating stage right now where she totally flakes out sometimes and refuses to walk, insisting that I carry her. For anyone who might say "Just make her walk!" I say to you "Ha! YOU make her walk." If I waited for her to decide to walk I would seriously be there ALL DAY. And the whole walk away saying "See you later." doesn't work either. She's very likely to bolt and with the combination of this belly and stiff ankle - I would NEVER catch her. She'd be gone. So what do I do? I carry her. I keep picturing my water breaking as I'm lifting her up. Wouldn't that be lovely.

There are a lot of things I still want to do before the baby arrives. Yet, it seems so much more low key than the last time. There was no getting a room ready. No buying furniture. (Well, we're getting a fancy rocking chair but no baby furniture.) Mostly what I need to do is find the baby stuff and get it washed as well. And empty out a dresser from downstairs so we can bring it up and fill it up with baby clothes. That's it.

Still, I'm procrastinating. I'm sure I'd be more motivated if I was finished work. But I'm not. I'll be working until the end of the month. And working hard. Because all of my lovely clients (and I do mean that) are desperate to get in for that final appointment before I go. And I want to see them too. I'll also be doing some graduation hair.

So. I'm tired. I'm stressed. I'm nervous. But you know, I'm here.


Jenn said...

You are a great mom to A and you will be to baby too. I wish I were still there to lend you a hand. I miss you!

bon said...

Yeah... that whole "nesting" thing? never really got it much except with the first one AND HOLY CRAP!!!?? One MONTH!!? AAAAAAAGH!

My my my how time does fly when it's someone ELSE doing the gestating!

Shoeaddict said...

Aww! How exciting and nerve-wracking and thrilling and terrifying! Do you know the sex of the new baby? Good luck to you and your family.

beth - total mom haircut said...

You know what, maybe it will be easier than you expect, huh? And the carrying thing? It's because she senses the baby is coming and wants to be babied. Sam did it too.

Nicole said...

I hear ya on the walking thing...WHen Eli refuses (and he did this when I was at the end of preggo-ville with Maddie), there is no other way. If I take his hand and go, he'll go limp so I am literally DRAGGING him. And if I walk away, same thing...he'll bolt. Enjoy these last days of single-child-hood. It is great with two, but definitly different!