Thursday, April 26, 2007


It's funny on these days I seem to gravitate towards music videos... Interesting.

The first time I saw this video (1994) I fell in complete and utter love with Blur. They are all stinkin' cute, even the drummer although he's last on the list. And I still remember all of their names. I especially loved Alex's hair swaying back and forth as he rocked the bass guitar. From that moment on I have been a devoted Blur fan. Watching it again, I realize I had forgotten about the strange kissing bald people...

And now there is The Good, The Bad and The Queen. I saw an interview with Damon Albarn on The Hour. It was a really good interview but I couldn't help obsessing over the state of Damon's teeth. They are looking frighteningly similar to Shane McGowan's.

It's such a shame because he's such a freakin' cutie and rotten teeth are such a turn off. Maybe he's doing it on purpose. Maybe he's tired of being so darn handsome. Perhaps he thinks his good looks are preventing people from taking his music seriously. Maybe he's rejecting society's idea of what is attractive. But me? I like a pretty smile, so it upsets me. Anyway here is a video of theirs as well.

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Dezz said...

Glad you like The Good, The Bad And The Queen. I've been a huge fan of Blur and Damon since 1993, and was lucky to get tickets to see TGTBATQ play at the Camden Roundhouse as part of the BBC Electric Proms. I hear Damon's actually had a gold tooth put in now! He's certainly doing things his own way :)