Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Why I Blog

I'm still trying to catch my breath after Easter. You would THINK that I would be rested because I took Saturday off which meant I had five, that's right FIVE days off in a row. But you see we traveled on Friday to see my mother in law and traveled back Sunday only to quickly unpack and head to my mothers for Easter supper. We were lucky enough to have Peter home on Monday as well but the day seemed to fly by with yet more food at my moms and my first class back at TaeKwon Do. (YAY!) And today wasn't much better. The A-ster and I were running all day. So needless to say I'm not feeling very rested. Sigh...

I do have a story for you all to enjoy. A story that will make the majority of my readers breathe sighs of relief that their children have never done such a thing.

The story takes place at Grandma D's house. Once we were settled in after the two hour drive most of which A spent sleeping the four of us were enjoying a bit of television together. Miss A often goes up to the television to point out something to everyone. Not a big deal. But for some reason she suddenly decided that it would be a good idea for her to try to climb the television. She placed one hand then the other on the top of the TV. We all sat there watching, yet seemingly paralyzed.

And then it happened. The TV began to fall. There was nothing any of us could do. And just like in an action movie Miss A somehow dodged out of the way of the falling television set. And stood there in shock as it sat screen down on the floor. I yelled her name out of instinct immediately causing her to begin crying. Peter set the TV back on the entertainment center only to find that the color was all messed up like the way a calculator screen goes all crazy when you push on it. Luckily we had a spare TV to use because, for goodness sakes what would we do without TV?

Grandma was very gracious and not at all angry. She was just so relieved that A wasn't hurt as were Peter and I but once those feelings wore off we were just blown away by the fact that our offspring had just destroyed something so expensive. She now holds the record in both our families for the most expensive thing wrecked by a grandchild.

I can't help but be embarrassed. I feel negligent. What if she had gotten hurt? Then I guess I'd just feel worse. Seriously, I didn't order such a busy, rambunctious, monkey of a child. I ordered a well behaved, calm, relaxed one. Who messed up my order?

We offered to buy Grandma a new television. Of course she declined. She 'needed' a bigger one anyway. Not to worry. Yeah. Thanks Grandma. We promise to keep her away from all of your expensive appliances from now on. Or bring a medium sized cage to keep her in when we visit.

My only consolation when stuff like this happens is that I can blog about it. Imagining the shocked looks, the “Oh No!”'s, the hands held up to you mouths when you read that A almost pulled a television set down on top of herself, makes it all worth while. Knowing that someone can feel comforted by the fact that while their child may be mischievous and get into their fair share of trouble they have never broken a television. That friends, brings me comfort and it is the reason I blog.


Jenn said...

A little monkey indeed! I'm very happy to hear that she did not get hurt. Wow, tv climbing. A new sport?

Lynanne said...

My skin is tingling over how close of a call that must have been! My goodness!

It will be a story for to tell her children, that's for sure. If they will believe you that there was every any danger. Can you imagine how small/thin TV's will be when she has kids?

bon said...

Hurt? Naw, you are glad you didn't LOSE your monkey altogether. Twice in the past three years, I have heard of kids here in Utah (both times a two year old) pulling TV's down on themselves and both times... well... worst case. I am assuming that they were the old school behemouth TV's that did the job... still. Ooff.

Yeah... Birdie once chucked a hard plastic toy at Dadguy's work Ti-book, and cracked the plasma screen. That bad boy was worth around $2,500 brand new. We don't even OPEN the new laptop around children now.

beth said...

O God! The horror! Don't you dare feel guilty about this though. We all have those frozen in time moments. Remember when Sam fell off the playground equipment and I just stood there watching?

Sugarmama said...

Yikes! I'm so glad A wasn't hurt! It must've been terrifying to watch happen, and yeah, I can definitely see myself sitting there as the tv came crashing down. Sometimes your brain sort of shorts out at moments like those, I think, and it definitely happens to all of us.