Monday, April 02, 2007

Does This Mean I'm Famous Now?

Have you noticed anything different about my blog lately? Anything? I'll give you a hint it's on my sidebar. The thing on the right. Scroll down. Way down. Past the Links and just above my sitemeter. It's a little shopping link. It's small, it's baby related and I GET $25 DOLLARS A MONTH TO HAVE IT ON MY SIDEBAR!!! Isn't that CRAZY?!

I mean I knew that you could get advertising to put on your blog and you could get paid for it and I always thought “How annoying.” Not the getting paid part but the big, ugly, flashing ads on your website. It would ruin the look of my pretty pink and brown page. But then the Crazy Hip Blog Mamas contacted me and made me an offer I couldn't refuse. I could put this itty bitty, unobtrusive link on my sidebar and get paid for it. Well alrighty then.

So now that I'm getting paid to blog (sort of) I figure this means I can call myself a professional blogger. And soon I'll be famous. And then you can say “I knew her before she was famous.”

Won't that be cool?


plantain said...

Dude, sign me up for some of that sweet action... although I'm sure I'd have to post more than two or three times a month before anyone would want to advertise on my blog.

bon said...

Hoo HOO! That fully rawks! Seriously, that's a sitter for the night (at least for three kids it is)... spend it on something GOOD!

Dawnyel said...

LOL!! Professional Blogger....I was calling myself that, and I guess I was using the term WRONG!!
Love the pic of Miss A!! :)