Monday, April 09, 2007

Ashamed to Win

The Big Fugr won although he was ashamed he knew the quote. When Peter threw 'Cocktail' out as a suggestion I had to look it up to see that it was indeed an 80's movie. Sure enough it was made in 1988. I always thought of it as more of a crappy 90's film. That made it seem like a good pick. I thought it might be more of a challenge.

I'm not a huge fan of Tom either frankly but if I had to pick a decade that I liked him most it would have to be the 80's. Back in the day before braces, jumping on couches and trying to give people advice on treating depression. Come on now. That's just silly.

But I have to say that 'Vanilla Sky' is one of my favorite movies. For so many reasons.

Anyway here is an infamous drink mixing scene for ya'll to enjoy. And also to remind you not to bother watching it again.

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bon said...

Silly... I think you just summed the man up.