Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Mama D's Journal (yawn...)

I'm not sure what's wrong with me. I don't really have anything to say. Well... nothing very interesting anyway. Yet I feel compelled to write SOMETHING, anything. So here goes.

Friday April 13th
– Surprise party for Peter at our friends place. We had a BBQ and a DQ cake. Visited and played American Idol Karaoke Revolution. I was disappointed in my overall performance. I didn't dominate the way I did the last time we played. It was just okay for me, dog.

Saturday April 14th
– After I finished work we finished the rest of our packing and headed to Winnipeg to stay with Peter's brother and family. Miss A periodically screamed for the last ½ hour of the drive nearly causing me to have an accident or purposely drive into oncoming traffic (just kidding). By the time we got there our nerves were frazzled but she wasn't finished screaming. We felt like terrible parents because we had zero patience left. Peter took A outside to play and all was well. We had a great supper and a really nice visit. Miss A refused to miss anything and wouldn't go to bed. She was very angry about being left in her playpen and wouldn't have anything to do with it. At 1 am I finally lay down with her in our bed and she fell asleep. I then snuck her back into the playpen where she slept the rest of the night.

Sunday April 15th – I went to the ABA while Peter and A stayed with the family. The hair show was pretty good. I was able to sit and listen to some really talented people and see some really cool hair. Miss A apparently had a really rough day because she was so dang tired. When Peter came to pick me up at the show she was already hardcore passed out in her car seat and proceeded to sleep the rest of the way home!

Monday April 16th – Peter's actual birthday. I arranged a babysitter and we went out for supper (gift certificate, YEAH!) and to 'Blades of Glory'. Yes, it was funny. We had a nice time. It was so great to have some time together.

Tuesday April 17th
– Watched a friend's two kids in the morning, filmed a rap video with a friend in the afternoon. Yes, you read that right. I'm a bit scared, but knowing him it will turn out awesome. I will link the video when it is finished. Played volleyball in the evening and the other team killed us. At least I got to slide across the gym floor on my kneepads a few times.

That pretty much catches you all up. Looking back I guess I haven't had a lot of time to write either. Wake up! It's over.


Jenn said...

I can't wait to see your rap video!

Lynanne said...

I always love reading your blog - even the updates! It's kind of like sitting down and catching up with a good friend. Never boring!

Happy belated birthday to Peter! Sounds like he had a great time!

I love the cover photo for the ABA - I'd say you saw some pretty cool hair. Maybe I could get mine done that way after the baby is born? :-o

I've been meaning to send you email and see how you are feeling. Sounds like you've been busy, busy, busy, which can be good. But hopefully you've found time for yourself in the mix?

Anonymous said...

those dates are wrong i'm appalled

- papa d

Mama D said...

There! It's fixed. That's what I get for writing when I'm half asleep. I'm sorry I messed up your birth date Papa D. I am also appalled.