Sunday, October 05, 2008

What we did on our Holidays and oh yeah I'm bleeping tired...

So yeah. We used up the remainder of Peter's holidays. The others were used up during 'we just had a baby, holy crap we have two kids now' time. So we (I) felt like we should make the most of it.

As I mentioned earlier, we started off by going to see my friend Jenn and her family. She used to live in the same city but recently moved to a new place. It was exciting to go and see where they are living now and interesting to spend a big chunk of time together. It's funny how you can be friends with someone but if they live in the same place that you do you never really have the opportunity to spend as much collective time together as you do when they move away and you need to stay with them. I think it went rather well. We were very well fed and entertained. My main concern was that my rambunctious child would overwhelm and/or annoy her children,but I think they coped with her rather well.

They took us to a Corn Maze but there were also a ton of other things to do. The petting zoo and PONY RIDE were the highlights for Miss A.

Our family, deep in the middle of the corn maze. Baby B is hiding in the sling here.

Miss A thrilled to bits at her first ever pony ride.

We also went to see Peter's brother and his family. Again we were very well fed and the cousins all had a wonderful time. That visit was too short but we'll be going back again for Thanksgiving.

Unfortunately Miss A did not do so well with the ever changing sleeping arrangements. Which took it's toll on both her and I. We took this photo while driving home from Peter's brother's.

Let me just say that she NEVER sleeps in the car anymore. No matter how tired she may be. She'll sing. She'll talk. She'll cry. She'll do anything to stay awake. This time she passed out within 20 minutes of driving. I had Peter periodically keep checking to make sure she was breathing. I know, I sound crazy, but I'm serious. It totally freaked me out.

So then we were home for a couple of days. This was one of the things that Peter wanted/needed to do during our holidays.

Yes, that is his car filled with various computer bits, some of which were extremely heavy and were carried up from the basement. The city dump was accepting e-waste trash for a short period of time and he desperately needed to get rid of some of the junk (sorry dear) that he's collected. It's bound to happen when you work on computers for a living. But I am very grateful to have less dust collecting objects in my basement. Hopefully we'll have even less soon when we have the opportunity to donate some excess furniture we have to the needy immigrants that have been moving into the city.

So then we went to my sisters for a few days. More cousins, more food, more fun. And more sleeping issues. The first night she was sleeping in her cousin's room she woke up at 2 am and realized that she did not what to sleep there. When I tried to console her and get her settled back down she refused to go back to the basement to sleep. My sister ended up having to haul the playpen upstairs at her request. Ugh. Then the next night/morning at 5:50 am she woke up crying saying she'd had a bad dream. I settled her back down and tried to get some more sleep.

Anyway, we had fun but wow. I'm tired. We've been home for two nights and Miss A is sleeping well again but Baby B has been getting up really early and taking forever to go back to sleep. Hopefully we'll get back into our regular schedule soon. In any case it's good to be home.


Jenn said...

We really enjoyed your visit too. I think the kids did awesome together! There wasn't even any fighting and Miss A is so sweet.
I hope you get caught up on your sleep!

bon said...

Eee the traveling-with-kids-sleeping issues! You need a vacation just to recover from "vacations" with the little ones.

What a beautiful family.

Lynanne said...

Looks like fun!! I wish I could say it gets easier traveling with the little ones but, well...I guess it just becomes more interesting.

I'd forgotten that it's time for corn mazes again. Ahh, I love autumn!

elizasmom said...

Vacation is a misnomer when children are involved!

Glad you had a nice time, sleep deprivation notwithstanding.

kelli said...

Such a fun time!

Mine is five and I still sometimes check to see if she's breathing also.