Friday, October 10, 2008

Dentist Appointment in Which She Used Up Her Good Behaviour For the Whole Day

So Miss A had her first ever dentist appointment the other day. You know those times that you sometimes have with your kids when they are so well behaved, so sweet, so perfect even, that your heart swells and you feel like you might just be doing a good job of this parenting thing after all? I had one of those times when we went to the dentist. She was so amazing that I'm fairly confident that the dental assistant we had would be talking about her to all her coworkers. "What a sweet heart!" "What a well behaved little girl!" etc.

Here is some photographic evidence.

This is when she is learning about how the chair goes up and down.

Here she is practicing opening wide for the dentist.

Getting her teeth checked and counted.

Showing off her treat for being so well behaved. (I'm sure every kid gets one regardless.)

And then we left. And everything fell apart. She would not listen to a single thing I said for the remainder of the day. It was actually ridiculous. She is usually challenging but this was so much worse. Like I had to chase her around to get her shoes on when we had to leave a place. She flopped on the ground like a limp doll when I tried to help her with her jacket. That sort of thing. The only thing I can think is that she used up all the good behavior she was capable of for the day during her dentist appointment.

I guess I should be grateful that there wasn't any bad behavior inflicted on anyone else. It just kind of amuses me that we must have left the staff at the office with such a good impression. If only they'd spent the rest of the day with us.


bon said...

Geeesh.. she and Pearl have gotten together and compared notes on "how to be a naughty beast" or something.

Seriously, where did my dolly darlin' go? We for sure havena been to the dentists lately!

Elicia said...

Awesome she was so good at the dentists. I had to laugh the other day as we were in Walamrt and I heard another mother pointing to Ethan saying "See that little boy and how nice he is sitting in the cart. Can you sit nice like that?" If she only knew how rare it was! LOL