Thursday, October 09, 2008

More Photos from The 3 Year Old

I am highly amused and often impressed by the photos Miss A has been taking with her camera. Maybe it's because as parents we are always desperately looking for some clue about what they might grow up to be. I always find myself wishing for artistic jobs. Dancer! Singer! Photographer!

Here are some of her recent photos.

I like the composition in these ones.

This one is a reusable grocery bag. I always find it interesting to see what she deems worthy of taking a picture of.

I love this one. The way Baby B's eyes stand out is neat.

She took her camera to preschool for show and tell and this was one of her photos.

And this is only two of the many, many, many pictures she took of the television. Peter asked me if we should be concerned about the number of photos of the TV because, perhaps that might indicate the importance of it to her. Being in denial I said "No, of course not."

Two of her current favorite shows.

George Shrinks

Charlotte's Web


bon said...

I notice a marked improvement in photo quality from the first round that you posted... I am thinking photographer!

I agree with what you say about the intense watching of our children for clues as to the kind of people they will be.

JD said...

How totally cute! We just hope they make it to growing up stages LOL

**oh Twilight trailer is up! what did you think? :)

elizasmom said...

Aww. Love the one of Baby B!