Tuesday, October 21, 2008


So, my cycling class on Saturday went well. I only had two students, one of whom was a friend of mine I'd invited to try to ensure someone was there. The girl I didn't know arrived first. I introduced myself and we started chatting a bit. I asked her if she normally attended classes to which she told me she did. I confessed that it was my first class and told her what I had planned for the hour. She nodded politely.

This next paragraph is going to sound either insane or conceited but bear with me. I am a perceptive person. I notice things that a lot of other people tend not to notice. I sometimes question whether I really have the right idea about someone or something but then I've often found out I was correct after all. So when I say that I could almost hear this girls thoughts, you need to try and give me the benefit of the doubt instead of assuming that I was just being paranoid.

She was thinking "This girl seems nice but she doesn't look like she's as fit as I am. This is going to be a weak class. Oh well."

This made me a tad nervous but I had practiced my class twice during the week to make sure that it would go smoothly and also to be sure it was adequately difficult. I was also a bit nervous (although very happy) that my friend was able to make it because she's been training really hard and ran a couple of half marathons this summer. She was excited to come to the class but I was hoping she wouldn't find it too easy and boring. And I had no idea what the fitness level of any other participants would be. I took a few deep breaths and started the class.

About 20 minutes into the class I wasn't worrying anymore. We were all sweating and working hard. It wasn't easy for anyone. But it was fun. (At least I thought so.) The girl I didn't know kept checking me out periodically during the entire class and I could almost see the surprise on her face. She couldn't believe that I was not only keeping up with her but that I was actually going a bit harder. At the end of the class she said in a round about way that it had been the most difficult class she'd been to (score!) and my friend said she'd had to take it easy a few times because she knew if she didn't she might barf. (sorry)

Now, I am a competitive person but I wasn't trying to be competitive that morning. I was just trying to lead a workout which would be challenging for my participants. I was glad to have achieved my goal. I knew that no one was pushing themselves beyond their limits and that everyone was safe. I will save my competitive nature for when I am the student, not the teacher. It was rewarding though, to know that I'd planned a difficult and enjoyable class and also to know that I'd surprised someone with my fitness level.

I am cool with being that instructor who isn't a stick but damn, can she give you a good workout!


bon said...

Chicky... y'all are cool. THE END.

Seriously, I know what you are talking about, getting dismissed for you size and then making the dismisser reevaluate. Is mucho good-o feeling.

JD said...

OH wait a minute! didn't you just have a baby!! Wow that just stunned me into silence.


elizasmom said...

Making someone who dismissed or underestimated you sit up and take notice is the greatest feeling! Congratulations, I'm impressed, particularly because I have done spin class before and I SUUUUUUUUCK at it. My hat is off to you, and I'm so glad it went well. Hey, and I started with 2 in Sept. and now I have 7 regulars in my class, so I bet word of mouth will get you a nice big class in no time.

beth - total mom haircut said...

Awesome. Good on ya.

And, OMG - you have a Twilight countdown button:)

Elicia said...

That's awesome. I know how you feel. I remember running a Saturday TKD class once and someone commenting to MR Gross afterwards that I had given them a really hard workout. I remember people whining that day when I made them run gut laps. Like they totally thought I was going to lead a wimpy workout.