Monday, October 20, 2008

Date Night

Last night Peter and I went out for our anniversary. (ahem, September 14th! My sister offered to babysit for us but logistically couldn't do it until last night) We went out for supper and then to a movie. We had a really nice time and some great conversation. You know that supposed rule that you can't talk about your kids while on a date? Well, we totally broke it yet we still had a great time!

We were torn about what movie to go to. 'The Dark Knight' wasn't playing anymore and that was what we had wanted to go to on our actual anniversary. It seemed that our choices were limited and there wasn't anything we were dying to see. I made the executive decision to go to "Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist". Peter had barely heard of it and asked me to justify why we should choose it over all the other's. I believe I said "because it has that guy from "Juno" in it." to which I think he replied "So?" Anyway, I won and that's what we went to. And thoroughly enjoyed.

You know those movies that aren't too deep or stressful to watch and nothing really happens but they have really great characters and dialogue and they make you laugh. This was one of those. I think Michael Cera is so cute and although he likely isn't so witty and awkward in real life I enjoy watching him act that way. And Kat Dennings. I was mesmerized by her the whole time. Mostly her lips. They were so perfect. And I would kill to know what lipcolor she was wearing but I'll likely never find it out. It was the perfect blue-red color. The color I should have worn in high school instead of that awful orange-red, but I didn't know better and I was trying to make a statement. And her hair was lovely, dark and wavy with just the right amount of 'I don't care'. If I didn't know better I would question my sexuality, but I do know better and I know that I'm just appreciating her and also wishing that I looked more like her than I do. Her character, aside from being a babe, was also rad. She was smart, kind and had good taste in music.

Why am I telling you this? I guess because it seems like the kind of movie a lot of people around my age might blow off. Peter confessed to worrying that it was going to be another '200 Cigarettes' which was a god awful movie (despite a wicked cast) if you didn't see it. It was not. It was honest, charming, sweet and funny. It was a perfect date movie. (for us) Peter said the sweetest thing to me afterwards when we walked out. *SPOILER ALERT - but come on, you can guess by looking at the poster. He said "You know what happens if they stay together?" "A sequel?" I reply. "Yeah, but we are the sequel."

So Nick and Norah grow up, get married and have two beautiful and wickedly cool daughters. Awesome.

I had to write about this because I was thinking about several of you after the movie, and I was sure you'd have a similar experience. I'm sharing the love people. Enjoy.


Jenn said...

Yay for date nights! I just so happened to see that movie this weekend too! In the same city as you! Saturday, late show with my sister. It was funny, I agree. And we were definitely the oldest ones in the theatre. I also agree about the lips. And the witty awkwardness. And I can totally see how you two would like it!

bon said...

You ROCK! I want to see this movie, and now I've got the go ahead. I totally love the character Cera played in Juno... that awkward/witty thing you mentioned, so I'll be more than happy to shell out some bucks for a sitter and a ticket!

elizasmom said...

Given that Jim and I watch more than our share of Michael Cera/teen-ish flicks, I bet we'd love this one. I'm glad you had a nice date night!

Jenn said...

I like that Micheal Cera too.

I wrote a post about the Twilight Series and would love you opinion.