Friday, September 12, 2008

Three? Three!

My baby is three today. Wow. She is so not a baby anymore.

We had her party yesterday. All of her little guests were boys. Not counting her cousins. This presented me with the issue of not wanting to have a girlie, girlie party. We had yellow balloons and a Dora cake. (I opted out of making the cake this year. A coworker of mine makes fancy pants cakes as a hobby so I hired her to do it. I think I'm entitled to be lazy since I have a newborn.)

I planned a craft and a scavenger hunt. (for stuffed animals hiding in the backyard) We ate a healthy and nutritious meal of hot dogs, chips and pop. Woo Hoo! Hey, it's birthday food.

I believe the party was a success. She seemed to have had a good time. It may be a little confusing to her that today is actually her birthday but our celebrations will be less exuberant. She will be receiving this gift from us. I love how in one of the pictures you see it bouncing down the stairs. And the one where it's sitting in a puddle of milk is pretty funny too. Not that I'm planning on testing that one out.

And this evening we will travel to Peter's mom's for our first away from home trip since having Baby B. My anxiety level about this is currently low but could change at any moment. Such is the delicate balance of a new mother's hormones. Whee!

Anyway. Here is the montage I created for year 3.


bon said...

So odd... she is only two month older than Pearl, yet she seems so much more advanced and grown up!

Happy Birthday Big Girl!

Mama D said...

I honestly think that's happened since the baby arrived. It seemed like she just majorly grew up all of a sudden.

I'm sure the same thing will happen in your house in just around three months!!!

Elicia said...

Happy Birthday Miss A!!!

Elicia said...

Happy Birthday Miss A!!!

elizasmom said...

Happy birthday Miss A! What a nice cake — lucky, you are, to have such a talented coworker.

Who sings the song in the montage? Very pretty.

this single spark said...

That is the perfect song for Miss A!

Hope she (and you) had a great day.

mns said...

Happy Birthday! Love the montage -talented Mama. : )