Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Having a 'Take it Easy' Day

Yeah. Cause man, do I need to.

I'm not sure if it's because Baby B is such an AMAZING baby (because really she is more patient than any baby has a right to be) or what but I've been doing WAY. TOO. MUCH. For real, yo.

Example: Yesterday.

Got up at 4:50 am to feed the baby. Didn't get her back to bed until about...6:15. Heard Peter get up around 7:00, drifted back to sleep. 7:45 Peter woke me up to tell me he was going to work and that Miss A was awake (I know I'm tired when I don't hear her get up) and watching her new favorite movie on the couch. I got up and made us both breakfast. Did the usual morning routine of getting the two of us dressed and presentable and then dressed and fed the baby. Packed everyone into the car and drove A to daycare. (she's still going one day a week to maintain routine, to hold her spot and to give me a break) Went to the gym and worked out for an hour. Took Bella to the photographers to have her two month portraits taken. Went to my mom's for lunch. (Pretty much my only downtime for the day) Went to the bank, and a couple of stores (I had to get one of these) and then went grocery shopping. I then came home, unloaded and put away the groceries. Sat at the computer for five minutes. Went to pick up Miss A from Daycare. Came home and helped make supper. Ate. Packed the kids up again and went back to the YMCA for my two hours of volunteer work, 6-8. (* Okay, I need to emphasize that this is not the kind of volunteer work that I'm doing out of the goodness of my heart. I am doing it to get a free membership. And also because I like the idea of financially benefiting from something I enjoy doing. For now I am simply showing new members around and explaining how the cardio and weight machines work but soon I will be teaching classes which is what I really want to be doing.) The kids had a great time, well Baby B slept but whatever. Came home put pajamas on the kids, put Miss A to bed. Had more down time at this point (9:40) while simultaneously feeding baby, watching 'The Sarah Connors Chronicles' (Did you know Shirley Manson is on that show now? She is!) and having my feet rubbed. (11:15) Put Baby B to bed crawled in myself hoping that she would stay asleep. (She did until 7:30 am. Thank god!)

Anyway. That was a stupid day. Ridiculous. I was so tired and sore and did I say tired? Yeah. And this was just a little busier than my usual days have been. So today my mission was to take it easy. So far, so good. I had two cups of tea this morning. (Mopped the kitchen and bathroom floor, whoops.) Watched for Beth in the audience on 'The Martha Stewart' show. Spent quality time with the girls. Walked with them to drop off Miss A at preschool. (Cleaned the bathroom. Whoops again.) And I'm planning on having a soak in the tub before either the baby gets up or we have to go pick A up from school. I have plans to continue having a relaxing day.

And look how beautiful my street looks. I love fall.


Jenn said...

Wow, I'm tired just reading about your day! Did you see Beth on the show? That's exciting, hey?
I love how your street looks. I miss that about living there. Each yard on our street has one new tree with itty bitty leaves so it's not so fall looking around here!

bon said...

It's fall in the canyons, but not here yet. I hope to have pics of my bright red October Glory Maple by mid October...but that's it!

Chica... am exhausted just reading about you day, can you really get that much done? Geesh!

about plantain: said...

two things...
1.... Shirly Manson is fierce man... who knew she did tv!
2... love love love the YMCA... i wish they had something similar back here at home in Australia... because every gym membership is so bankrupting...
and well 3:... did you know that your wee'un is GD adorable?