Monday, September 15, 2008


It's been a while since I've talked about how amazing I think blogging is. How grateful I am for the wonderful people I've met since I started my blog.

A couple of weeks ago I was in a foul, foul, horrible mood. (Not unlike today...sigh)

I don't even remember why now. Probably the usual, getting up at 5:00am with the baby, barely getting back to sleep before Miss A is at our bedroom door telling us "the sun is up". (Say, that's what happened this morning too...) Anyway I was terribly grumpy and feeling sorry for myself. When I went to check the mailbox I found this inside from Beth, one of my bloggy friends.

I felt sheepish about my silly bad mood which almost immediately disappeared. Inside the package was a lovely card and presents for the girls. Miss A was thrilled.

She loves books and this one has become one of her favorites. She has memorized it and can pretty much read it to me now.

It still blows my mind that someone whom I've never met in person would take the time and care enough to send us a gift. And this is not the first time this has happened. Bon, yet another one of my wonderful blogging friends sent me ONE OF THE GREATEST 80'S MOVIES EVER!! for my birthday. (but I couldn't find the link to the post about it!) She took the time to read a short story I entered in a competition. So did Elizasmom and she also worked on editing it with me. Thanks to her it was a much better story. A much better story that still didn't win. :)

The only thing that makes me sad about having 'met' such amazing people is that they all live so far away. I fully intend on meeting each of them some day and am totally confident that when we meet for the first time there won't be any of that awkward first meeting stuff. I think we'll be totally comfortable, like old friends. Because really, that's what we'll be.


bon said...

Heh... that first pic of you, you TOTALLY look like an Anime character when you make that face! The wicked cool eyes (seriously, NOBODY has eyes THAT cool looking), the small mouth and pointy chin... all you need it the quasi-emo dramatic hairdoo.

Sorry. Got distracted.

jd said...

Ok I totally agree with bon, you look wickedly pretty!

Mama D said...

Gosh, you guys are too kind. I thought it was kind of a weird picture of me...But thanks, I'm totally flattered.

Elicia said...

That is so very nice! Ethan has the Big Brother counterpart to that book and he loves it too!