Monday, April 21, 2008

Oh Brother

I seem to be saying that a lot these days. It's funny how we (well, I do) adopt new sayings at different times. And obviously these sayings become 'cleaner' once we have children. And once those children listen to every. word. you. say. and can repeat it clearly.

I have reached the 'really pregnant' stage. I think I may need to remove my wedding rings soon. I only noticed yesterday that I'm feeling a tad puffy in the hands and the rings are getting a bit snug. I've been getting all those ignorant comments from people that seem to come during the last few months of a pregnancy.

"You're going to be HUGE by July!"

"You've still got a long way to go!" *Translation: You're going to be HUGE by July!

"You look like you could have that baby RIGHT NOW!"

Thanks. Thank you all. Because there is nothing better than feeling like you are pretty enormous and then having those feelings confirmed by the inconsiderate comments of mere acquaintances. This is a down side to my job. I see a lot of people. And for some reason those people are fascinated by this sort of thing. And because they don't know me well, (other people's clients anyway) they feel they can say almost anything to me. No matter how stupid.

On Saturday we had a Birthday get together for Peter. Before heading over to our friend's house we stopped by Dairy Queen to pick up a cake. I had worked all day and then spent the remainder of the afternoon and early evening making snacks for the party. As we walked up to get in line at DQ I was both waddling a bit and limping because my ankle was sore and I really needed to get off my feet. This lady who works at my bank was already standing in line. I noticed she was chuckling at me. I flat out asked her if she was laughing at me. She said "No, not at you." Hmmm. Sure. What was so funny? The fact that a very pregnant girl, who was having difficulty walking was in line for ice cream? Don't I deserve ice cream? I mean, I'm carrying around this kid, who is kicking the crap out of my insides and making me want to pee every five minutes. Carrying it around on an ankle that was operated on a mere four months ago and continues to swell and be uncomfortable, perhaps even more as this child grows bigger. Don't I deserve a little something for all my trouble? Or should I go home and have some celery sticks so I don't balloon up further thus causing myself more difficulty walking? Grrr. Rant over.

My brain is also turning to mush. This has really been obvious to me in the past week. It's so frustrating because I know what I mean to say but what actually comes out of my mouth is all wrong. My coworkers seem to find it amusing and I try to be good natured. What is the point of being upset?

I am happy to say that Miss A seems to be past her days of not wanting to have her picture taken. She is now happy to pose for a photo. I took this one last week and when I looked at it I began laughing to the point of tears... it just struck me as funny. When I showed her she began laughing as well (probably because I was) and so we sat and laughed together about what a silly girl she is.


Diana - Teacher Mom said...

Heavens to Betsy! That's a saying I find I often use myself, which interchanges with "Oh, for heaven's sake!" I know I have other sayings that I've been using more recently however, the mush that currently resides in my cranium is hampering my ability to recall what they may be.

I, too, find it hard to ignore how rude some people can be when they're around pregnant women. To comment on your size like that is truly insensitive, in my opinion. But I suppose it comes with the territory. I've had to remove my rings as well and just can't seem to get enough ice cream or iced cappuccinos either.

Anyway, I'm glad to be back after 22-month hiatus. I've got some catching up to do. In the meantime, I hope you enjoy this special time as much as I am. You look mahvelous, dahling! And your daughter... she's just beautiful!

bon said...

I have been making heavy use of the words "yipes" and "holy SMOKES!"

In my first two pregnancies, I carried so much extra fluid that I had total strangers approach me and ask HOW MANY I was carrying! I would then feel compelled to explain the medical reasons for me being so big blah blah blah. I decided when carrying Pearl(and the decision is still in force) that if I am ever asked that again, that I will burst into tears and inform the hapless schmuck that I AM NOT EVEN PREGNANT! WAHHHHHH!

That'll teach 'em.

elizasmom said...

My favorite one when I was about that far along was "Hey, you've really got that pregnant woman waddle now!" Oh yes, THAT comment made my day.

You have my permission to snarl in an unladylike fashion!

And, that picture of A is too cute. Eliza and I waste a lot of time making funny faces in the photobooth program on our computer.

Sugarmama said...

Isn't it amazing how rude some people can be when a pregnant woman is in front of them? My favorite is when people make fun of the baby names you're contemplating when THEY ASKED YOU about it!

ali said...

i think you look great. i love prego bellies - its like the definition of an incomprehensable process of growing life w/in you. besides, sacred vessel right? sa-cred. maybe you should get a button made :) i think people just want to relate/connect to you somehow, regardless of the inappropriate-ness. being pregnant is special and maybe they just want to be part of it? - im stretching i know, and you're probably like "didn't feel so special over the toilet bowl, let me tell you"

how's the celery?