Monday, April 28, 2008

Did I Mention...

How much I miss naps? Not naps of my own (I'm not much of a napper) but I really wish Miss A still took them. Especially since she's been getting up a lot at night these days, which I hope is due to the cutting of two year molars and not just a habit she's getting into. Last night at around 4:00 am she called from bed "I need Dada to take me to the Doctor!"

The previous night was actually worse and then we were out of town the following day and I managed four hours of driving, miraculously without even the urge to fall asleep at the wheel. I did however have what I call a 'fatigue headache'. So actually, I could go for a nap these days. Unfortunately, I seem to be the only tired one. We settle for quiet time on the couch together. I take what I can get.


Sugarmama said...

Wow, I don't know HOW I would make it through a day if my little ones didn't nap! I just wish they'd nap at the same time more often, but I guess I shouldn't rub it in here, huh?

Hope her nighttime settles down soon, at least. I'll bet her little molars are probably bothering her.

elizasmom said...

Oh, poor thing. You must be exhausted.

I hate when toddler try to have midnight parties.

Jenn said...

I think My Girl was pretty much A's age when I was pregnant with The Kid. She also quit napping so I can relate to how much that sucks.
At least you're getting some quiet time. I napped on the couch when she would be watching a movie.
Miss you!