Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Best and the Worst

The best things Miss A is doing right now.

-Saying "Bless you!" when people sneeze. (I personally am doing a lot of this right now due to allergy season.) This evening she called "Bless you!" all the way from the living room while I was doing dishes in the kitchen and sneezed. My heart went all warm and fuzzy.

-Pretending. Especially pretend picnics and tea parties.

-Saying "Thank you" without being reminded.

The worst things. (This list might be longer than the first...)

-Not sleeping well.

-Sometimes refusing to do even the simplest things. Example: Putting on her jacket and shoes even when she WANTS to go where we are going.

-Screaming "Don't say DAT!"

-In general, being difficult about almost everything.

I'll stop there because I don't want to dwell on the negative. There's always good and bad in everything right?


bon said...

Hee hee! I promise... even my sweet and mild Pearl is pulling toddler-rank on me! Everything that is not EXACTLY to her specifications merits a hurling of her little body to the floor, and tears tears tears. And screaming. And toddler swears.

Sugarmama said...

Yep, neither of our little ones are sleeping well either. It changes EVERYTHING, doesn't it? Cute that she's already pretending, though. That seems very advanced to me!