Thursday, April 10, 2008

Better but Not Back to Normal

Just an update for those of you who might be wondering how we are doing over here...

Things have been... better. Not better enough to get rid of the sick feeling I have been carrying around in the pit of my stomach or the urge to cry all the time. (The later may have something to do with pregnancy hormones too.)

I appreciate all the feedback and good wishes more than any of you could possibly know.

I have wondered myself if she is more aware of this pregnancy and it's future implications and aftermath that I have given her credit for.

And I also would not be surprised if this could be fall out from the whole ankle breaking fiasco. Really, she coped amazingly well at the time, perhaps she is just allowing herself to react now that things are back to 'normal'.

I do hope it is a phase that is over quickly. My heart has been breaking when I see her behave in ways that seem so opposite to her usual self. It is something I can't seem to stop thinking and worrying about. Which does no good at all other that to give myself an ulcer but I can't seem to cut it out.

Anyhow, I will write again soon. I am hoping that it will be to say that things have settled down.


bon said...

Better is good. Not as great as GREAT is... but it is good.

elizasmom said...

What bon said. Hope this upward trend continues!