Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Three Things


Mns won Say What? It was Platoon.


I'm sorry for my absence I've been asked to help write dramas for our Church for the Sundays leading up to and also for Christmas Eve. At first I thought I may have gotten myself in over my head but it's actually going really well and I'm actually nearly finished. It is going to be so weird to have line that I have written be performed by actors on stage. Crazy. Anyway, THAT has kept me pretty busy. Also, we are leaving tomorrow to head to my niece's wedding in a city 6 hours away. I am trying to get packed for that trip and I am also going to be doing hair so that adds to the stuff I need to remember and the stuff I need to bring with us. Sigh. So, yeah. Haven't had much time to blog. Or read blogs.


Say What? is cancelled this week.

Be back next week!


elizasmom said...

Hey — Congratulations on buying asked to help write for your church! That's really great!

Hope the wedding is lovely and I'm sure all the hair will be beautiful!

Sugarmama said...

So do you get invited to EVERYONE'S wedding because you can do hair? I used to get invited to a lot back when I was a professional baker. Brides really seem to like a free wedding cake as a gift--bet they like wedding party hair-dos, too! Have fun!

Jenn (who moved away) said...

That is so exciting to write church dramas! I hope we're back to be able to see one or two.
Let me know when you're back from the wedding. I'll give you a call!

mns said...

Miss ya Mama D! Hope the wedding and all hair-do'ing went well. : )

Lynanne said...

How awesome that you are writing the drama!
Hope you have a great trip!