Thursday, November 15, 2007


Man, I wish we had time to put more of these videos up. I filmed this about a week ago. I thought I should document her ability to mimic one of her favorite shows. Once I flipped the screen around so she could see herself she was in fine form singing and repeating the dialog. I think it perfectly captures her at this age. Her energy, personality, temper. This video has got it all!


shoeaddict said...

So much to say about this video- this girl! She is so beautiful, expressive and funny. She is so busy and active and everywhere!! I think the gasping "OH" face really almost killed me. Oh the cuteness.

elizasmom said...

Hey, we have that same cup (as the one next to the screen)!

My personal favorites here were the "okay"s, complete with shrugging. She really gets into it, doesn't she? Very entertaining!

I somehow missed that you also had a long-suffering feline. "gentle gentle!" is something we hear a lot around here too.