Monday, November 19, 2007

Just Calm Down Mom

So I totally underestimated my daughter on Saturday. At the end of my work day my coworker asked if I was taking Miss A to the Santa Claus parade. Firstly, I had no idea the Santa Claus parade was that evening. Normally it is on Saturday mornings. (And I am working so I could never go.) Then I explained to her how I wasn't sure that would be such a good idea because it would likely just involve a lot of screaming and certain individuals trying to jump on floats or end up getting run over by one. I wasn't optimistic.

But later on I felt guilty. I decided that I wanted to try to take her. Even if it was awful, we could always pack up and come home.

And then it wasn't awful. In fact, it was pretty fun. I bundled her up warmly, buckled her into the stroller and we watched the parade together. She sat very patiently even between gaps in the floats. She gasped appreciatively at the lights, animals, vehicles and people. Pointing and asking "What's that?" frequently.

(A pretty impressive 'Transformer' float)

Finally Santa and his reindeer came. I thought they were in a bit of a hurry. I didn't even have time to get a decent picture. In the end I was so glad we went and I was so proud of my big girl!

(Quite frankly, this picture scares the crap out of me.)


bon said...

Um yeah... could that girl be any more beautiful?

Mama D said...

I really, really, REALLY hope not.

Sugarmama said...

Aw, I wish our Christmas parade was at night instead of a Saturday morning! It looks so pretty that way, and if nothing else the dark would keep my younger one firmly planted in her stroller!

shoeaddict said...

OMG... She's strikingly gorgeous! I'm so glad you went and had fun.

elizasmom said...

Hey, that sounds FUN! I wish WE had a Santa parade — Eliza would be all about that. I'm glad you had a non-awful-in-fact-pretty-great time.

mns said...

Hey, we just took our A to the one here on Sat night. It was pretty fun, and he made it through ALMOST all of it. But we had to leave the fireworks they had later (at a nearby venue). Too much booming!