Sunday, November 04, 2007

Renaming the Game "Kristen"

Kristen is owning this game! Wow.

A long time ago, when I'd announce the winners I'd write a post about the movie I'd chosen and what it meant to me. Then I became lazy. And also, I wasn't sure if anyone cared. But today I have to say something about 'Pretty in Pink'.

Although I love this movie and found that it spoke to me in the sense that I was a poor girl myself, there are aspects that bug me. Their definition of 'poor' for instance. So Andie is poor. Because she lives on the wrong side of the tracks and because she lives in a small house. Not in an apartment, or a trailer, but a house. When I was young and poor I would have killed to live in a house.

Also, she has a car. A REALLY cool car. But it is old (which only makes it cooler) and it has a dent in it. Therefore, it is the car of a poor girl. Hmmm.

And finally, this poor girl seems to have her own line as well as an answering machine. Remember, this was the 80's. I don't think many poor kids were so lucky.

I guess when compared with the uber rich kids in her school she would be considered poor but not where I come from. In fact, as a kid I was jealous of Andie. I wished I had her life.

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