Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Two Thousand Seven

Happy 2007 Everyone!

Wow! Another year. One year closer to 2010. Doesn't that seem crazy? Or is it just me. I remember thinking years ago that 2010 just seemed so far away and science fictiony. I don't think there will be flying cars by then but we'll see.

Here is a blast from the past – Miss A around this time last year!

We had a very nice Christmas. I did find it somewhat stressful to pack up all our gifts and travel to Peter's parents house two hours away. I shouldn't complain though because I know many of you were flying to see family and I am very grateful that our family isn't so far away. We took about a million pictures so I had to pick just a couple.

This is the Tea Ring that my mother in law makes every Christmas. It's kinda like cinnamon buns. I love it and I love the tradition. I should learn how to make it, I really should.

Here is Miss A finding the coolest tiny Buttercup book in her stocking. (She has no idea that her mother once dressed up as Buttercup for Halloween. “Buttercup is the toughest Powerpuff Girl!”)

One of her best presents, a broom. Just her size.

Her main gifts. A baby crib which she likes to get in herself. (Thankfully the novelty of that seems to have worn off before she completely wrecked it.) And a shopping cart/baby/food items.

I also learned something this Christmas. Not that it helps now of course. Maybe for the next baby... I learned that the suggested age for toys is actually useful. For instance, the doll crib had a suggested age of 3 and up. Maybe 3 year olds would actually understand that their baby goes in the crib and not climb in themselves... The most popular gift she received were age appropriate ones. Books and puzzles were her favorites.

We spent New Years Eve with Jenn and her family. We had a great time. There was a ton of food and we played “Scene It”. She had another couple over as well and between us all there were four kids, three of them under two. They were all very well behaved. Until A hit that magical moment in the evening when she was suddenly tired and we knew that we needed to skidaddle before she made a huge scene. She went down for the night relatively easily which gave Peter and I ample New Years Eve cuddle time.

It was a crazy year. This year could be crazier. We'll see. Having kids really makes the time fly. I'm going to try not to miss anything...


Sugarmama said...

Must...eat...tea ring! If I had one of those delicious looking things in front of me right now, I'll bet I could eat at least half of it.

Nikkie said...

I'm glad you guys rang in the new year in such a fun way! It was great seeing you the other night at the pre-new years party!

bon said...

Fun! I tell ya, MY three year old (almost) wouldn't refrain from hopping in that baby crib and finding some bizarre way to wedge her bummy in... holding a blankie of some sort and doing her "I'm a baby" wahwahwah!

Tea ring: Drool, slaver and covet.

Dawnyel said...

Toys are fun...but she'll really understand what the toys are for when she's older. (We ignore the age limitations for many toys too!)
Glad your holidays were good. Happy 2007!