Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Operation – Fix the Cupboard

So I mentioned a while back how fun it was to baby proof our crappy cupboards. But once we did we were all like “Ha! Let's see you get in there!” See, we had total confidence in our baby proofy gadgets. We failed to consider however, the extreme crappyness of our cupboards. (Yes, I know I'm making up words. So what!) Imagine our surprise one day when Miss A was yanking on the cupboard doors trying to get in while we stood back watching her with amused expressions thinking, she'll never get in. Get in? No. Pull the cupboard door right off it's hinge? Yes. Okay, in actuality the hinge broke off the wood it was screwed into. Because the wood was garbage. This was no longer amusing.

Upon closer inspection and realizing that due to the wood essentially crumbling apart it would not be a quick fix. It would require replacing that board with a new piece of wood and totally disassembling the cupboards. What a pain. It stayed broken for at least a week and on Sunday we finally began the task of repairing it.

Miss A was very interested in helping which was cute and funny for about five minutes and then I had to take her to her room to read books and play with her babies. The job took several hours (all of which my kitchen was in shambles) because there were interruptions like supper, having to rewire a table saw (I didn't do that) putting a baby to bed and Law & Order (C.I.). We were finally finished by around 10:30. Just in time for bed.

Here are the photos of our progress.

I am happy to say that they are back to normal and my kitchen no longer has pots and pans and stuff strewn about. My blood pressure has gone back down to normal. My cupboards may be ugly but they are functional once again. (For now.)


Rachelle said...

Glad it all worked out! Your girl is so cute!

Dawnyel said...

Aren't kids good at things like that? I'm glad you got it all fixed up! :)

Nikkie said...

Oh what a pain in the butt! I'm glad that its all cleaned up and put back together again!