Sunday, March 21, 2010

Right... Important Stuff

I mentioned our trip to the city and the reason for the appointment, B's eye, and then never said how it went. I'll be perfectly honest, I felt it was a complete waste of time. We went in the night before to avoid bad weather that didn't actually happen and we spent $100 on a hotel room. Our appointment was all of maybe 15 minutes and she was barely looked at. He seems satisfied that she is seeing well and thinks the droop will become less obvious as she gets older. I hope this is all true but is difficult for me to believe that he can determine this with minimal examination.

When complaining to someone else about this they pointed out that her doctor is a specialist and he likely doesn't need to do such a thorough examination in subsequent visits because he can see improvement just by looking and without measuring or using any instruments. Perhaps this is true but I would appreciate it if he spent a little more time, just to humor me and make me feel like it was worth a two hour drive and the cost of a hotel room.

He also said he'd see us "one more time" in six months. Maybe I was reading too much into his tone but it sounded like he thought it would be a waste of time, but he'd look at her again anyway. All I could think was, Dude, if you think it's a waste of time don't waste our time by getting us to come.

I should be happy right? Happy that he thinks it's really nothing, barely worth his time. I just feel like I need a bit more reassurance that everything is indeed okay. I might not get that in six months but I really hope to.


this single spark said...

You can always stay with us and save the $100 on hotel. Seriously. We could even borrow our niece's kid bed for Miss A.

All you have to be okay with is our dog potentially french kissing your kids while they eat, and since you just laughed last time... :]

Anyway, glad to hear the doctor doesn't think it is such a big deal. Sorry he wasted your time and money.

Sandy said...

May be next time have him humour you by bringing a list of questions to ask him. You have 6 months to compile a list of the ones that you find that you are asking yourself frequently. That way, you won't feel like it was such a wasted trip and even if he tries to blow you off, you can keep forging ahead because you have a list to refer to. I know for me, when a doctor starts sloughing me off and I'm not ready for that, I tend to forget everything else that I wanted to ask.

elizasmom said...

What the...?

I swear I check your blog all the time and maybe it was cached funny on my computer because it only now showed me the last three posts you've written. Grrrr, computers.

I like Sandy's suggestion of bringing the doctor some questions — make the dude earn his money!!

bon said...

Oh yeah! Specialists. Grr.

I think that Sandy is right, especially if the next visit is the last one, you need to know what, if anything would merit a new round of specialists looking into her eye-doop thingy. You need to know... stuff, and he needs to earn a cussed paycheck. Cuss it all.