Friday, March 12, 2010

Long Overdue (as usual)

It's me. Remember me? I've been wanting to write. Really. I have. And I've been wanting to comment but I'm really behind. Now I'm just going to write a lengthly, photo filled post instead of several more focused posts.

The Olympics are over. Thank goodness. I have my life back. Oh, and I'm sorry about the closing ceremonies. Pitiful, just pitiful.

Other than that, life has been crazy lately. Have you heard of the Doodlebops? They are the stars of a Canadian kids television show. I found out that they were coming to our city and although Miss A hasn't watched the show in some time I was certain she'd enjoy going. I was not wrong. Here is some photo evidence of the fun.

Isn't it hilarious how crazed she looks here. I LOVE this photo.

Then we traveled into the city for B's eye appointment. We decided we'd better go in the night before to hopefully avoid the freezing rain forecasted when had planned to travel. By the time we decided to go it was pretty late. B slept most of the way and then when we arrived at the hotel she was all NEW PLACE, NOT TIRED despite the fact that Peter and I were very tired indeed.

Note the time on the clock.

She eventually did go to sleep and we all had a relatively good, albeit not at all long enough, sleep. We took B to the pool which was perfect for kids. I felt a twinge of guilt that Miss A was not with us to enjoy. (We plan to take her there in the future.) I marveled at the difference between B and Miss A, pool wise. I am used to A's reckless abandon. How she runs and jumps and gives me fifty heart attacks when we are near/in water. B is excited, yet cautious. She climbs the ladder, carefully sits down and then wiggles down the slide. She hits the water and looks mildly annoyed. She dragged me along to the bigger slides which we only went down a couple of times. Miss A wouldn't go back to the little slides after experiencing the bigger better ones. It's interesting.

I was able to do some shopping for the girls at Old Navy, which I can't do here, so that was nice. I bought them the cutest navy and white gingham dresses. I also bought myself a new bathing suit. Another item which is difficult to buy here. It's actually a mastectomy suit which sounds weird but it turns out it is excellent for me and my need of extreme support. I'm hoping the streamline design is going to help me swim faster and beat my time at the next mini triathlon!

We also were able to briefly get together with an old friend of mine. Due to distance, kids and life we haven't seen each other in a long time. Yet, it always feels like home when I'm with her.

Wow. I've been working on this post for a week. I'm just going to post it and move on.


bon said...

How did the eye appointment go? I think about B often now that I teach the seven-turning-eight-year-olds in Sunday School. The little girl in my ward who used to have a huge knob on the end of her nose (hymanginoma?)is in my class. Anyway, she got the thing surgically removed right before kindergarten, but she has mentioned several times in class that she misses it and wishes they had not removed it. Funny, huh. I wonder if she doesn't feel as special and different anymore.

As far as the Olympics go, other than the snowboarding I have missed the whole durn thing. At least I caught that amazing super-freaky-deaky-red-streaky guy. Wuff! Did you see how he ripped it up?

this single spark said...

So glad you're back! Not that I'm the world's most dedicated blogger.

You home for Easter? I think we'll be at my mom's and would love to catch up. Maybe ice cream if it's nice? Hey? Ice cream would be good. :]

I'm having some eye surgery, but will tell you all about it in person. Very interested to hear what's going on with B.