Thursday, March 18, 2010

Thank You Notes

I don't know if I've mentioned how much I love Jimmy Fallon before. I do. I love him. He had me at the first sketch he giggled through on SNL. I loved him in 'Fever Pitch' when Drew Barrymore's character wakes up from her flu induced coma to see him brushing her dogs teeth. So it's not a surprise that I enjoy his talk show also. One of my favorite bits that he does is 'thank you notes'. Here is a sample.

So lately I've been coming up with a few of my own...

Thank you to the makers of cheap garbage bags because there is nothing I look for more in a garbage bag than one which rips open when you are taking it to the dumpster leaking various garbagy debris on me, my clothes and or my property.

Thank you preschool for having my child do crafts with sequins stuck to glue, except there is never enough glue so those damn sequins get everywhere, the road, the car, the backpack, MY HOUSE. Don't you know that they are a chocking hazzard!? (I still love you preschool!)

Thank you people who hang 'Truck Nuts' on your vehicles for confirming that you really are the douche bags that I suspected you to be.

Thank you facebook for helping me to reconnect with so many people that I never really knew in the first place but for some reason they've decided that we should be 'facebook friends'.

Thank you guilty conscious for not allowing me to reject people on facebook who I recognize but never knew then and don't really want to know now.

That's all I've got for now. Feel free to leave yours in the comments.


bon said...

Wow... so there actually IS something more idiotic and tasteless than the stupid "Calvin Peeing On Whatever" stickers that dipwads put on their dipwad trucks. Oh... and even tackier than the mud flap booby chick sillouette.

bon said...

Oh... and:
I want to thank Ava's school teacher who thought enough to have Ava share her latest story about a Leprechaun during Parent Teacher Conferences. I really thought it was great that the one thing you were enthusiastic about was how her story took the whole amount of space on the page, yet did not go over. You told her that you "loved" that about her story. You have just recommitted me to making sure that this caliber of teaching does not happen again for any of my kids. Ever.

I am sure that the principle of the school will want to thank you as well, seeing as how I am now gonna be another one of "those moms" who request teachers and will be a pain in the neck if I don't get what I want.

jen k said...

love the truck nuts comment i couldn't agree more.

love your sense of humour D.