Saturday, October 03, 2009

More Watching And Waiting

My last post was regarding Baby B's eye issue. I've been meaning to write about the other appointment we had last week. We saw a podiatrist. Why? B's left foot (to match her left eye, coincidence??) turns in rather severely as she walks. I was a bit concerned because it hasn't been improving as she has been walking longer and sometimes her toe drags as well. It seemed like yet another thing I should have checked out. The podiatrist told me she's walking that way due to a bowed tibia. The good news is that she'll very likely grow out of it although she figured we'll probably need to put an orthotic in her shoe when she's around four. Fine with me, as long as we get it straightened out. Literally and figuratively.

Poor kid though. Seriously. I know this stuff can be character building but honestly it pains me to think about the razzing that she could suffer if we are still dealing with this by the time she goes to school. sigh.

On a less sympathetic note regarding the little one... SHE IS DRIVING ME CRAZY RIGHT NOW!!! Honestly. She climbs up in to her high chair repeatedly and then can't get out. She has started messing with the computer which looks cute in the picture but in reality... She is always trying to steal her sisters food, which, often she can't eat anyway because she only has THREE TEETH! (all of which you can see in the last photo!) She is becoming increasingly bored with mushy food so I'm finding I have to get continually more creative with what I am feeding her. And finally I still need to use the living room as her second bedroom halfway through the night otherwise she wakes her big sister too frequently resulting in a very grumpy Miss A and thus a very grumpy Mama. On the bright side, for the most part she's keeping her clothes on.


elizasmom said...

Hee. I forgot about your nakey-baby adventures with A!

I'm glad that B's foot issue sounds like it can be corrected in a fairly low-impact way, but yeah, thinking about how other kids might pick on her — that is the kind of thing that just hurts your heart as a mom, doesn't it?

Sounds like it isn't slowing her down, though!

bon said...

i am soooo not looking forward to this part with the Henryman. Ha! I too forgot the nekkidbummie stripper-girl thing! Just goes to remind us all that this too will pass.


Akhor said...

I'm sure your already familiar with this, but in case not I thought I would mention it...

There is a musical series called RockABye Baby, which is lullabye music of your favorite rock bands.

Of course this will not stop your child from climbing up their highchair and not be able to descend... But they might break into dance on the chair!

beth - total mom haircut said...

Well, I'm sorry she's driving you crazy but she sure is looking adorable:) And re: the post below - I agree with the doc "Hardly at all." Seriously her eye is hardly noticeable at all in these pictures, and it's already improved greatly. She's doing great, D. Things will all be ok.

And here's that sticker set:

It's a little play scene with reusable stickers that go on the board it comes with, but the boys like to just stick them on the windows usually.