Wednesday, April 01, 2009

On The Mend

We are gradually getting back to normal around here. That must have been one wicked ear infection Miss A had because she had an afternoon nap THREE days in a row! The kind of nap where she just crashed out on the couch. That almost never happens. It worked out well that it was Spring Break this week. I'm certain she wouldn't have been up for school.

We have been watching a lot of movies. Also, I think anglophilia is hereditary, otherwise it's just rubbed off on her. She seems, like me, to be drawn to all things English. Examples that come to mind are "Mister Maker", "Charlie & Lola" and the most recent obsession is "Number Jacks". This is a very odd little British show, the point of which is to teach kids about mathematics in a fun way. I am all about her getting a head start in the math department although if she takes after me she's in BIG TROUBLE there. (My brain is not wired to comprehend math in any way. It fact, repels all things math related.) I had to link this video because this guy, the Numbertaker, is one of the 'villians' of the show. Basically, he steals things. And is so creepy, he even scares me.

I have already had the appointment with my orthopedic surgeon. I will be having a day surgery to remove the various metal bits from my ankle. It seemed like a good idea until I thought about having an epidural again. And basically being stuck on my rear for a week afterwards. (Which I wish I could actually enjoy but it will only stress me out.) In any case it needs to be done. I do not enjoy the feeling of tangled elastic bands in my ankle which periodically snap back into place so the inconvenience of having surgery will have to be endured.

Finally, I'm going to share the most hilarious Twilight spoof. It is terrible. Which is what makes it so good.


beth - total mom haircut said...

I loved the spoof. I didn't realize you had an upcoming surgery...mine's Monday.

jen k said...

i watched that spoof..
pretty bad...but pretty funny..good luck with the surgery..don't hesitate to call me if you need anything..

elizasmom said...

Did I respond to your message about the spoof before? Because I LOVED it. JIm was in the next room, and he's all "What ARE you watching?!" I'm glad Miss A is on the mend and I hope the surgery goes well for you. I hear you on the epidural but te rubber-band thing you described sounds awful, so I bet it will be well worth it!

bon said...

That Numbertaker guy... give him a long whispy beard and you have what I always imagined the wizards from Bartholomew and the Oooblek to be!

And you know how I feel about that spoof! I called Dadguy in to watch it too, but he mostly enjoyed watching ME watch it! I laughed mine kiester off!

Melissa said...

Oh, yuck. I can't think of that guy when I think of Edward! But they did a good job. The girl was very good, and it was funny until the gross out blood at the end. Blech. Sorry to read you're having ankle surgery. Just what a mom of little ones needs. Good luck.