Wednesday, March 25, 2009

And The Winter Goes On, and the sickness goes on

So. While some of my fellow blogging friends in locations other than here are preparing to start planting gardens and flowers, I was dumped upon by a ridiculous amount of rain (which fell upon plenty of remaining snow) and then a ridiculous amount of snow. Wee!

The day it rained I spent a fun filled day of going to the walk in clinic with the baby, mopping water up in our basement, going to the walk in clinic with Miss A, waiting at the pharmacy for a prescription. Awesome. I took the baby to the doctor for a referral. She is still hacking and snotty and I am SICK of it. He told me that the fact that she has been sick so long is actually not unordinary but he would refer her to a pediatric allergist. When I mentioned that she's been getting up at hourly intervals in the night he basically told me that he thinks she's 'playing me'. Really. Maybe so. But I suspect that the fact she is so congested that she has difficulty nursing may also have something to do with it. (On a side note I also was referred to my surgeon regarding the metal hardware I'm still sporting in my ankle. It's bothering me so I'm pretty sure I'm going to need it removed.) Miss A was running a fever, which is why I took her in. Turns out she has an ear infection in BOTH ears. Since this is her second within three months she had to go on a different antibiotic. This one is VILE. It's basically like sand in syrup. Ugh! I mix it into yogurt and spoon it into her. So far she hasn't protested much.

The water in the basement thing is a drag but it's manageable and could be a lot worse. (it is in other areas of the city)

I am just so ready for spring. I don't ever remember being so eager for winter to be over. Maybe it has to do with the fact that we are getting one of these!


Joanna T. said...

I know how you feel. Every time I go outside and it's cold and there's still snow I want to cry. 6 months of winter is enough!!! I briefly saw my lawn after the rain on Sunday but it's gone again. Hopefully spring will be here soon.

Elicia said...

Fist of all. That sucks! I can so relate though! We too have had water in our basement and I have been busy mopping it up. While Calli doesn't sleep that bad usually, Ethan still gets up one or 2 times a night... which means between the two kids I'm up very frequently.

As for having a sick baby. Ethan was sick all of the time last year. Seriously it was 4 months straight from about 10 months - 14months. He was snuffly with a runny nose all the time and would wake up coughing so bad at night time that he would throw up. It was awful. We finally sent the cats out to the farm and shortly after he started getting better. So we made an appointment with an allergist as he was still like that occasionally. It took almost a year from the referal to get in! Anyways, it turns out that he did not have allergies, he was just one of those kids that is sick all the time. The doctor explained it really well and it has something to do with sensitive skin (inside and out). Still it was worth it to me to get him tested so we now know what it is rather than trying to figure out what was causing him to be sick all of the time.

I could write a whole novel for you on sleep issues, but maybe we'll just have to get together one day and we can laugh and cry about it together.

bon said...

Gar! Ack! Geesh!

Seriously... we had this amazing spring preview a week and a half ago... flip flops and everything.

Then snow. And then some more snow. And then some snow.

Am sooo flapping tired of this winter crap... and all of our snow has almost melted. Almost. But it's still icky out there.

Around here the RSV watch isn't over until May. C'mooon MAY!

Jenn said...

I'm with you and the snow. GO AWAY. Lucas was asking to go out and play in it this week and I told him I was sick of getting all dressed up.