Friday, April 17, 2009

Easter. Which I Realize was a Week Ago

Wow. I really suck at posting these days. I don't know. I think the brain damage from fatigue has finally set in. It's almost embarrassing having conversations with people right now. Here's a sample of part of a conversation I had recently.

ME: Oh yeah, I love Joss Wedon. Did you read that comic he did?

HIM: You mean the Buffy comic?

ME: No, um. It was really good. Oh, what was it called? It was futuristic and it was about another slayer.

HIM: (blank stare)

ME: (grasping) Um... wow... I can't remember what it was called. But um, you'd like it.

So, yeah. That was pretty uncomfortable. What's worse is that it was with a client at work. Worse still he's in the comic book industry... Anyway, this is what I was talking about, if you care.

I digress, I meant to tell you about Easter, not my brain damage.

It was kind of a blur actually. We traveled to Grandma J's house. The girls both slept crappy both nights and I was exhausted. I knew I was tired because I was actually kind of irritable and snappy with everyone, and usually I'm not like that, even when I am tired. That kind of ruined the weekend for me honestly. I was happy to get home and not sleep in my own bed. Ha!

My favorite part of the whole weekend were the pictures I took of Miss A while we played outside for a while. Outside pictures just turn out so much better than inside photos do.

And here are a couple of the baby which were taken inside. Oh yeah, I'm in one of them too.


jen k said...

look at those beautiful girls!!! go get some sleep Dawn!!! sheesh....quit being so cranky!!! lol....just kidding...

bon said...

This time of life is just brutal. bleh. I miss you too by the way.

Wow! Those kids are sure gorgeous! I just cannot get over how big Miss A has gotten, what a lovely young lady!