Sunday, December 03, 2006

Ze Vinner is...

Another week, another winner. This week its Kelli in the Mirror. Although Jenn could have won but graciously left it for someone else. She's cool like that. To quote Kelli though “And I'm totally fine with winning only because Jenn is nice.” It feels good to win, doesn't it? No matter how it happens.

When I looked up quotes for 'Planes, Trains and Automobiles' I was shocked to see how many curse words there were. I hadn't remembered so much bad language in this film. Steve Martin's character was an angry, angry man.

Most of my favorite 80's movies are about young people, in love, lusting after someone, in a love triangle, sneaking out to dance with an older man or skipping school. This is a John Hughes film so you would think it would contain one or all of the above mentioned things... but no. For those of you who haven't seen it, (hello? is there anybody out there?) it's the story of two fellas trying to get home for Thanksgiving. At first they don't like each other. Well, Neal doesn't like Del anyway. But by the end, after much yelling, screaming and harsh words, after they finally reach their destination – they have become friends. Foremost this movie is funny but it is also poignant and sad at times. As I've said many times before, John Hughes is brilliant.

And I love the John Candy. But not the mustache.

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Dawnyel said...

*hanging head in shame* I haven't seen it!